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  • $ 100.00 $ 59.00 41% OFF
    • This package includes Captain Eco multi-stage shower filter & Captain Eco combo shower head.
    • 11 Stage Micro absorbent layers like no other competitors. Refresh your skin and hair, prevent cancer, and itchy skin perfect for hard water.
    • 8 * 8 Settings: Enjoy luxurious, powerful spray through our anti-clogging jets, complete control on output, mist massage rainfall eco power, and other settings.
    • Double Head: Use fixed or handheld for the best experience overhead to create soft and hard flow.
    • Extendable 5-ft long hose: High-quality hose with adjustable wide-angle diverter with standard thread size.
    • Easy to install: Comes with a Teflon tape and easy to install instruction guide.
    • Lifetime limited warranty for 12 years: Subscribe to our guarantee list for lifetime support.
  • $ 100.00 $ 59.00 41% OFF
    • [Everything you need in One package]: This package includes Captain Eco multi-stage shower filter, 8×8 High-pressure combo shower head, Extra replacement cartridges, shower curtain, a Teflon tape.
    • [Softened and healthy water]: Captain Eco effectively removes chlorine, heavy metals, odors, and other deposits to provide you with soft and healthy water that makes your family and children feel happy and healthy.
    • [Adjustable Settings]:  Low/High Pressures w/ 8 flow types: Power, Rainfall, Mist, Hitting Jet, Massage, Wide, Water-Saving Economy and combination output for the best custom experience.
    • [Easy installation]: Working with all standard 1/2” pipe threads, easy to install without need a handyman in several minutes.

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  • $ 40.00 $ 25.00 38% OFF
    • Up to 6 months hard water purifier system replacements, easy installation
    • KDF Process Media for removing chlorine
    • Calcium Sulfite for removing chlorine and heavy metals
    • Vitamin C for repairing and rejuvenating damaged hair and making them softer
    • Maifan Balls for adding profitable minerals to the water
    • Biocera Ceramic Balls for adsorbing impurities and harmful heavy metals
    • Polypropylene Cotton filter for removing turbidities, sediment, rusts and microorganisms
    • Granulated Activated Carbon for removing radioactive iodine 131, trihalomethanes, and organic chemicals
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