Do Not Sell My Info

Please complete this form to exercise certain rights you may have in connection with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) .

Once we have received your request and verified your identity we will process your request as soon as possible.

If you are making a request on behalf of someone else, you must include the name and email address associated with the Captain Eco account of the consumer. Please also upload a verifiable notarized document authorizing you to submit a request on behalf of the consumer.

Please note that by opting out of the sharing of your personal information considered a sale as defined by the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA):

You will still receive cookies, tags, pixels, etc. that are essential to the function of our websites and mobile apps;

You may still see some tailored advertising that third parties may have previously collected unless you opt out of all interest-based advertising (see choices in our Privacy Policy); and

We will still share your personal information with our service providers to provide the services on our websites and mobile apps.

These settings may not persist if you clear your cookies, switch devices, or switch browsers. If you have previously requested that we do not sell your personal information, your request remains in effect until you tell us otherwise.

If you have difficulty accessing the webforms hyperlinked webform , in order to exercise your CCPA rights, you may also call us at  email us at support@captaineco.com with a subject line of “CCPA Rights” For your protection, prior to actioning on any of your CCPA requests we will need to verify your identity.

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