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Women’s Menstrual Symptoms and treatment

The menstrual symptoms in every cycle are tied up with various uncomfortable physical and emotional conditions. These symptoms, for many of us, will occasionally have a disturbing effect on our daily routine. It is noteworthy to say that those vary from one person to the next. Also, the level of intensity of symptoms varies as well.

Reportedly almost 8% of women have a certain kind of premenstrual dysphoric disorder known by the abbreviation of PMDD. This simply means that all the symptoms will interfere with one another. Yet this is not all, close to 85% of women have one severe sign lined with PMDD. So, this is not an issue to be overlooked.

The series of uncomfortable symptoms starts with abdominal cramps, headaches, back pains, acne, and low level of energy. This goes even further with constipation and diarrhea.

Menstrual symptoms can be categorized into two sections. And those are imbalances in the physical appearance and capabilities, and the other symptoms depict itself in the emotional imbalances.

Menstrual Symptoms in the physics

The initial signs of menstruation in the physic occurs in the form of bloating feeling. Certain parts of the body become swollen especially during the premenstrual period. Close to 63% of women have swelling symptoms. Often edema is felt in the areas like:

  • Kernel section of abdominal
  • Facial parts
  • Mid-thirds of arms
  • Distal forearm
  •  In the both tight and legs

Physical symptoms among a group of 60 women who were the case of study in research done in 2015, shows that the most prominent indication of pre-menstruation has been the physical disturbance.

  1. In the abdominal area, ladies often feel nausea and pelvic heaviness and pressure. Bloating and cramps are other prevalent menstrual signs in this part of the body.
  2. The facial symptoms in the pre-menstruation stage to the end of the cycle include acne, skin inflammation, and itching on the various parts of the body, and triggering other skin disorders like cold sores.
  3. In the arm and forearm area, swelling and pain lead to a lack of coordination and less control.
  4. Bloating in the upper tights and legs lessen the level of active movement and escalate the feeling of fatigue.

The physiotherapeutic procedure has to be in line with the symptoms, as there are many emotional indications parallel to the physical signs. To bring more ease to your physic, practicing progressive muscle relaxation and methods of deep breathing can alleviate the pain and make it more tolerable for you in the premenstrual and during the menstruation cycle.

If you are feeling severe pain in various sections and practices such as yoga and massage aren’t effective enough, the then uncommon yet helpful remedy is to try acupuncture. This will lessen the tension at specific points of the body, and you will be a bit more relaxed afterward.

Menstrual Symptoms in the Emotions

Emotional dysregulation is another prevalent premenstrual syndrome. Needless to say that all the changes noted below are a normal physiological process that all the women go through. The common signs are as follow:

  • Anxiety
  • Feeling of irritation
  • Mood swings
  • Decreased interest
  • Poor concentration
  • Affective lability

A simple simile for this is that tightly orchestrated alterations happen in the estrogen and progesterone hormones. These changes diversify the body system.

The female body system itself is divided into different compartments such as immune, cardiovascular reproductive, endocrine, and the most sensitive method, which is the central nerve.

The quivering level of estrogen and progesterone will significantly change receptors in the nerve system. All these add to heightening the stress-sensitivity level. This builds up pressure for the women. However, during this time, an ongoing talk and reframing that indications as such re usual can lead to reducing premenstrual sensitivity, irritation, and stress effectively.

For this menstrual Symptom, there could be herbal and lifestyle remedies that can assist you. Agnus castus and daytime drops can lessen the emotional disorder you go through during the period.

Agnus castus to the point that is possible for your body helps out to balance the progesterone levels. A crucial reminder is that alike physiotherapeutic procedure, emotional aiding remedies extensively rely on your current status of the internal system, and it’s particularities. In this case, if you take medicine for further hormonal balances, then it is highly recommended to avoid herbal remedies.

Other than that, stress relief drops as the cherry plum drop in a cup of filtered water can lessen the feeling of trauma, tension, and anxiety. You can carry these drops in your backpack and use them during the day to bring more neuropsychological balance to your daily routine.

Menstrual Symptoms: Women’s Work and Life balance

If we include all these to the entire population of ladies and our life length, we will come up with astronomical statistics! Females are less than half of the world population. The precise percentage is 49.6%.

Issuing this statistic from the world health organization, and by simple calculation in the current world demographics, only 9.1% percent of women are in the age range of 55-64 years old, and 8.70% are aging between 0 to 4 years old.

This signifies that the noticeable portion of women like you and me are in the age range of 9 to 50 years old. And it shows that the active female population has the most significant portions among the rest.

On a global scale, the average age of going through menstrual is 11 years old. And based on the population in the mentioned category. Painful menstruation will last 5 to 7 days for every single month. By a simple calculation, each active female in the society will have 2400 days in this condition, until she reaches the age of menopause. That’d be close to the age of early fifties. That’s not a short time to be neglected, yet it definitely is a contributing factor in the overall success at either school or job and, more importantly, in the quality of life.

Some say that businesses equally will suffer from a female’s menstrual inconvenience state, and nearly 600 million working hours will be ineffective, and thus, two billion dollars’ worth of revenue will be missed.

Write to us in the comments and tell us, what do you think? How to make a balance between Work and Life while you are in the menstrual cycle and going through many menstrual symptoms?

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