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10 Reasons Why You Need a Shower Filter

You eat healthily, exercise regularly, take plenty of vitamin supplements, and use expensive hair and skin care products to improve your health and enhance your beauty. But did you know your regular showering routine harms your health and deteriorates your looks? If you do not have a shower filter in your bathroom, you need to get one right now!

A shower filter is essential for a healthy lifestyle, as unfiltered shower water is filled with disease-causing bacteria, toxic chemicals, hard minerals, and other contaminants that are detrimental to your health, and harm your skin and hair.

The harmful bacteria, toxic chemicals, and hard minerals in your unfiltered shower water cause a variety of diseases and damage your skin and hair. The harmful bacteria in your unfiltered shower water cause respiratory diseases and lung cancer. The toxic chemicals in your unfiltered shower water cause asthma, infertility, premature aging, and different types of cancer. The chemicals and hard minerals in your shower water also damage your hair and skin, decreasing your attractiveness.

To protect your overall health, safeguard your wellbeing, and promote healthier skin and hair, you need a shower filter to purify your shower water of harmful contaminants. A shower filter offers many health and wellness benefits, creating a safer and healthier shower experience for you and your family.

10 Benefits of Shower Filters

Shower filters provide plenty of beauty, health, and wellness benefits. Here are 10 reasons why you need a shower filter now:

Shower Filters Reduce Harmful Bacteria

Your shower head provides the ideal environment for the growth of harmful bacteria. There could be millions of harmful bacteria living in your shower head right now! The moment you turn the faucet handle, the running shower water disperses these microbes into the air, some of which you inhale deep inside your respiratory system, resulting in a variety of diseases.

The most common bacteria in your shower head are Mycobacterium Avium Complex (MAC) and Legionella spp. Once inhaled, these bacteria cause a variety of diseases, some of which include: pneumonia, bronchitis, Pontiac fever, Crohn’s disease, skin and soft tissue infection, gastrointestinal infection, and lung cancer. To avoid unhealthy showers, you must install a shower head filter to minimize the growth of microbes inside your shower head.

Shower head filters contain water filtration mediums that create a hostile and deadly environment for microbes inside your shower head. Shower head filters kill off many microbes, and disrupt the growth and function of others, resulting in a drastic reduction in the population of microbes inside your shower head. This, in turn, results in a disease-free shower experience.

Shower Filters Prolong Your Hair Color

Unfiltered tap water contains chlorine, a toxic chemical widely used as a disinfectant. Chlorine is commonly used in the public water system for killing microbes to make the water safe for human use and consumption. Chlorine is also a bleaching agent. When you wash your colored hair with unfiltered water, the chlorine in your unfiltered shower water strips your hair color, resulting in hair color fade with every wash.

Shower filters neutralize chlorine, leading to a considerable reduction in the amount of chlorine in your shower water. With less bleaching chemicals in your shower water, less of your hair color is stripped with every hair wash. As a result, your hair color will last longer, reducing the frequency of your hair coloring sessions. Shower filters reduce your hair’s contact with harsh chemicals in your water and hair dye, promoting healthier colored hair.

Shower Filters Reduce Asthma Flare-Ups

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 25 million Americans suffer from asthma. Many environmental factors trigger asthma attacks and aggravate asthma symptoms. Harsh chemicals, such as chlorine and its byproducts in your unfiltered shower water can trigger asthma flare-ups and make your asthma symptoms worse.

While showering, your hot shower water vaporizes chlorine and chlorine byproducts, making you inhale these vaporized chemicals during your shower. Once inhaled, these toxic chemicals settle in your lungs, irritating your respiratory tract, triggering asthma attacks. To minimize asthma attacks and alleviate your asthma symptoms, you must minimize exposure to respiratory irritants to promote optimal respiratory health.

To promote optimal respiratory health and reduce asthma flare-ups, you must eliminate chlorine and its byproducts from your shower water to minimize respiratory irritation. Shower water filters reduce chlorine and its byproducts from your shower water, producing shower water that is safer and healthier for your respiratory system.

Shower Filters Soften Your Skin

The sebaceous glands under your skin produce an oily, waxy substance called sebum. Sebum forms a protective coating over your skin, lubricating your skin, shielding your skin against harsh external elements, and preventing moisture loss. Sebum, in moderate quantities, is essential for promoting skin health.

The chlorine present in your unfiltered shower water strips your skin of its natural protective oils, accelerating moisture loss. This results in dry, dehydrated, and itchy skin. To preserve your skin’s optimal moisture balance, you must restore its natural, oily protective barrier.

A shower filter will help you restore your skin’s protective barrier, as it reduces the amount of chlorine in your shower water. A shower water filter produces water that cleanses your skin without stripping its natural oils, resulting in clean, moisturized, and silky, smooth skin.

Shower Filters Moisturize Your Hair

The combination of hard, alkaline minerals and chlorine in your shower water wreak havoc on your hair. Your unfiltered alkaline shower water forces your hair cuticles open, weakening your hair fiber, and promoting moisture loss. Further, the chlorine in your shower water strips away your hair’s natural protective oils, which lead to dry, frizzy, and coarse hair. Hard water and chlorine compromise your hair’s structure and integrity, causing brittle hair that easily breaks off.

Shower filters reduce chlorine and the amount of hard, alkaline minerals in your shower water, producing water that is kinder and gentler on your hair. Using a shower filter will neutralize your water’s pH and help you restore your hair’s natural protective oils, leading to soft, moisturized, and lustrous hair. Further, shower water with a hair-friendly pH will close your hair cuticles, leading to stronger and more resilient hair fibers.

Shower Filters Clear Water of Impurities

You shower to cleanse yourself of dirt, sweat, and other undesirable substances. But did you know many nasty and undesirable substances float in your unfiltered shower water? Typical unfiltered shower water contains dirt, sand, sediment, and other nasty substances that make your shower water unclean. Further, heavy metals from corroded water pipes and storage tanks can also lurk in your shower water, posing another health risk for people showering with unfiltered water.

Shower filters contain multiple filtration mediums that use different filtration methods to clear your shower water of impurities. This results in a cleaner shower experience for you and your family.

Shower Filters Alleviate Skin and Scalp Irritation

Your skin and scalp produce an oily and slightly acidic protective barrier that minimizes moisture loss, reduces the growth of harmful bacteria, and shields your scalp and skin from the harsh external elements. Chlorine and hard minerals in your unfiltered shower water erode the protective coating covering your skin and scalp, compromising and weakening your skin’s defenses, which result in an irritated skin and scalp.

Scalp and skin irritation triggers skin inflammation, which results in scalp and skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, and dandruff. To soothe skin irritation and avoid inflaming your scalp and skin, you must restore your skin’s natural protective barrier to boost your skin’s defenses. A shower filter can help you boost your skin’s defenses as it helps you restore your skin’s natural protective barrier.

A shower filter balances your shower water’s pH and reduces chlorine in your shower water, producing pure water that cleanses your skin and scalp without eroding its natural protective barrier. Restoring your skin’s protective barrier alleviates skin and scalp irritation and inflammation, healing your eczema, dermatitis, and dandruff.

Shower Filters Will Save You Money

When you shower in unfiltered water, you strip your hair color and deteriorate the health and condition of your skin and hair. This forces you to dye your hair more frequently to maintain your vibrant hair color, increasing your hair color maintenance costs. Further, as unfiltered shower water saps health and vitality out of your skin and hair, you spend a small fortune on expensive and high-quality skin and hair care products to make your skin and hair appear youthful and healthy.

A shower filter is an affordable beauty-enhancing tool that helps you save money as it reduces the harsh chemicals and minerals in your shower water that strip your hair color, and deteriorate the condition of your hair and skin. A shower filter reduces hair color fade and restores your skin and hair’s natural protective oils, saving you money on frequent hair coloring and expensive personal care products.

Shower Filters are Anti-Aging

The chlorine and hard minerals in your shower water strip away your skin and hair’s natural oils, and disturb your hair and skin’s natural acid mantle. This leads to dry, dull, and lifeless hair and skin, which makes you look older. Dry skin cracks and wrinkles easily, resulting in premature signs of aging. Dry, brittle hair also breaks off easily, leading to hair thinning, which can also make you look older.

The toxic chemicals, pollutants, and contaminants in your unfiltered shower water do more than just damage your skin and hair. These dangerous and destructive substances enter your body through inhalation and dermal absorption during your shower, destroying your cells, and therefore, causing premature aging.

A shower filter is an efficient and affordable anti-aging product that can enhance your beauty and impede the aging process. Shower water filters reduce the amount of hard minerals and chlorine in your shower water, restoring your skin’s natural glow and hair’s luster. Shower filters also reduce chlorine byproducts in your shower water, leading to less toxin absorption and inhalation during your shower. This causes less cellular damage, which results in a slower aging process.

Shower Filters Lower Your Risk of Cancer

Chlorine, a chemical disinfectant, is added to municipal water to kill harmful microbes to make the water safe for human consumption. Chlorine reacts with the natural organic matter present in the water, producing chlorine byproducts such as trihalomethanes (THMs). Trihalomethanes are a group of toxic chemicals that devastate your health, causing serious and deadly ailments.

Trihalomethanes have been associated with causing infertility and many types of cancer. While showering, the heat opens up your skin’s pores, promoting the absorption of trihalomethanes from your shower water. Further, your hot shower water vaporizes these chemicals into the air, making you inhale these toxic chemicals deep into your respiratory system. Studies have found that blood concentrations of trihalomethanes increase by 5 to 15 folds after a shower.

Increased trihalomethane absorption during a shower wreaks havoc on your health. Women with breast cancer have up to 60% more chlorine byproducts, such as trihalomethanes, in their breast tissue compared to women without breast cancer. A shower filter is an effective product for reducing dermal absorption and inhalation of chlorine byproducts during your shower, resulting in a safer and healthier shower experience.


Your showering routine should be a pleasant, soothing, and relaxing experience. Your cleansing ritual should not harm your health and deteriorate your beauty. To create a beautifying and healthier shower experience, you need to install a shower head filter in your bathroom. A shower head filter is an efficient and affordable wellness product that protects your health and promotes your wellbeing. A shower head filter is a valuable and rewarding investment in the health and wellbeing of your family.

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