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Top 5 Natural Ways to Get Thicker Hair

Without a doubt, thick luscious hair is one of the most important indicators of beauty in women. Therefore, women spend a lot of time and money taking care of their hair using different tools and techniques to make their hair fuller and healthier. But sometimes, no matter how diligently you care for your precious locks, your hair will start to thin out.

Hair thinning and hair loss is one of the most devastating events that can happen to women. Losing your beloved and adorable locks is a depressing and difficult emotional experience for most women. However, hair thinning is a common issue among women. As the statistics show, around 40 percent of women suffer from visible hair loss by the age of 40 

There are a lot of different factors causing hair loss in women, from stress and genetics to hair follicle aging. Fortunately, there are many effective remedies and medicines that can reverse some types of hair loss in women. Other than medications, many women also employ effective DIY and homemade hair care remedies for hair loss to get thicker and healthier hair.

For a lot of women, pharmaceutical treatments for hair loss are the least favorite option due to its various side effects on your overall health. Most women prefer using drug-free alternatives and natural methods to treat their hair loss. The good news is that after years of experimenting with different hair care remedies, women have found plenty of natural and effective methods for promoting healthier hair and reducing hair loss. Some of these hair care treatments may seem unconventional, but many women have found them to be effective for reversing their hair loss.

In this article from Captain Eco, we introduce some of the most common natural methods to get thicker hair. If you are suffering from hair thinning and are a fan of natural remedies, this is the article you must read. Reading this article will teach you what women around the world do to get thicker hair naturally.

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Natural Ways to Get Thicker Hair: Do They Really Work?

Many of you may be wondering if natural remedies to reverse hair thinning actually work. There are many effective and natural methods women use to overcome hair shedding. Honestly, it is not an awful idea to prefer natural treatments for helping your hair grow back, as medicines have plenty of side effects. Many natural hair loss treatments have scientific evidence validating their efficiency, and so, they can be as effective as popular pharmaceutical hair loss treatments for reversing your hair thinning. Therefore, it is worth to give natural hair loss treatments a try.

Top Natural Ways to Grow Your Hair Back

In this section of our article, we have listed 5 natural ways to get thicker hair. The tips below are just a few of a long list of natural methods women all around the globe use to get thicker hair, but here we mention the most popular treatments that have been tested and tried or have scientific basis validating their efficiency.

Green Tea 

Green tea is produced from the same leaves as black tea, but it is processed using a totally different and ancient method, which helps it preserve a considerable amount of nutrients. This souvenir from China seems to have an infinite number of health benefits, which include preventing cancer, reducing the risk of diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease, and preventing liver disorders. Green tea is also a proven source of anti-androgens, which significantly helps hair thickening and reduces your risk of balding.

Consuming green tea is an ancient method used to reverse hair thinning in China and India. You should brew green tea in the right way, and drink it once or twice a day. There is a great possibility that green tea will work to reverse your hair thinning, and therefore, thicken your hair.

Heat Styling 

This tip on the list is not one you should do. Actually, it is here to remind you that you should avoid it at all costs. Try your best not to heat style your hair as the extreme heat applied on your hair will considerably damage your locks.

There are a variety of ways to style your hair, but none of them are as harmful as heat styling, which can lead to hair breakage and hair thinning. So, avoiding heat styling can be perceived as a tip for hair thickening. 


This is definitely the easiest tip of this list. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated so you can make sure your hair stays healthy. 

There is plenty of scientific research showing that staying hydrated improves not only your hair’s condition but also improves your skin’s health. On the other hand, there are several studies showing that dehydration adversely affects hair health, resulting in hair loss.

Consuming sufficient water to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth is a common technique women adopt all around the world. From Europe to South America and Africa, mothers advise their daughters to drink enough water to help their hair stay thick. The type of water you drink matters; drink noncarbonated water, as carbonated water can cause hair loss.

A simple hair care rule to follow: Drink water, drink water, and drink water! 

Rice Water 

Rice water hair rinse is a popular hair care treatment to support hair growth in Asia, especially in China, Japan, Korea, and India. Although there are different researches revealing the positive effects of rice water rinses for promoting healthier locks, there is no strong evidence proving the efficiency of this technique for thickening your hair.

Starchy water which remains after cooking or soaking rice contains B complex vitamins, vitamin E, antioxidants, and a good number of minerals. This nutrient-rich liquid is said to help hair become shinier, smoother, and stronger, in addition to supporting its growth. 

The method for using rice water is to wash and rinse your hair with it when bathing. Carefully and gently wash your hair, making sure you give your scalp proper attention as well as covering every part of your locks. Hopefully, it will do as it is supposed to do. 

Scalp Massage 

Who does not love a great massage on their scalp? While it is not supported by scientific researches, scalp massage is one of the most popular methods to prevent hair fall. 

Scalp massage is believed to have various benefits, and promoting thicker hair is said to be one of them. Make sure you get your or your masseuse’s hands carefully cleaned before starting the process. The scalp should always be as clean as possible, as the dirt on your scalp itself is one of the most common causes of hair loss. Gently massage all over your scalp, so that your blood will freely flow within the blood vessels of your head.

A well-performed scalp massage can help grow your hair due to two different reasons. First, it helps blood vessels dilate beneath your scalp, and second, it stimulates the follicles to produce thicker hair. 

In this article from Captain Eco, we have introduced 5 completely natural ways to get thicker hair. We provided a list of the most common hair care tips and techniques that have strong scientific support. Using these methods, it is highly possible that you can overcome your hair shedding, and get your shiny thick hair back. 

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