If you’re still using a traditional thermometer (that uses mercury), you’re probably wondering – why would I need a digital thermometer? Well, if not for any other reason, why not because everyone else is doing it? But truth be told, having a digital thermometer is very vital if you want a thermometer that is super convenient in matters accuracy and reliability.

More and more people are noticing the superiority of digital thermometers over traditional ones and are making the necessary changes. The only reason others tend to hang on is that they do not know what is on the other side of the fence. This guide shines some light on digital thermometers and the reasons why you should have already ordered yours like yesterday.

  1. Versatility

Unlike traditional thermometers that can only be used in one way, smart digital thermometers can be used in more ways than one in taking the temperature. For example, you can find a digital thermometer that doubles up as a forehead thermometer and as an ear thermometer. This versatility makes the thermometer easy to use in different circumstances.

For example, when you have an ear infection, you shouldn’t take temperature readings by ear as you are more likely to get a false reading. In this case, you can use the digital thermometer on the forehead instead.

  1. Convenience

The modern technology used in digital thermometers allows them to do more than take accurate kids temperature readings. They come with many features such as sounding an alarm or recording any changes to the basal body temp over a period of time. Some can also be connected to an external computer for further data analysis and storage.

  1. Safety

Once a staple in all medicine cabinets, glass and mercury thermometers posed some risk to the users. As the glass is fragile, it could break apart and cause injury. In case the liquid is mercury, contact could have some serious health implications. Digital thermometers eliminate this risk as they do not use mercury, making them super safe to use.

  1. Accuracy

If you’re a woman who’s trying to track ovulation, you need a thermometer that’s capable of detecting even the slightest basal body temperature change. Digital thermometers have this capability, thanks to the modern computing technology that makes them more accurate than analog thermometers.

  1. Speed

As with accuracy, speed is critical. The best digital thermometers take measurements in less than three seconds, a fraction of what can be achieved by analog thermometers.

  1. Range

An analog thermometer capable of measuring up to 200 degrees Celsius would be far too large to use conveniently. What seems like a complicated task for traditional thermometers to accomplish, digital thermometers can achieve effortlessly. This is because they are capable of taking measurements over a very wide range.

The reasons for getting a digital thermometer revolve around quality, safety and convenience. Beyond those, there are range, speed, and accuracy. Since they were introduced on the market, digital thermometers have undoubtedly proven to be more effective than their analog counterparts.

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