Most kids will fall sick at some point before their first birthday. Sadly, sick babies don’t have any other way of telling you how they feel except for their universal language – crying. This means that you could mistake your child’s cry of distress as that of hunger, wetness, or sleep. There's one tool. However, that can help you know for sure that your child’s cries are far from a regular tantrum. This handy tool is a baby thermometer.

There are different types of baby thermometers available to help you establish whether your child is having toddler fever. Even so, you shouldn’t pick just any type of thermometer to measure your kid’s temperature. The best one for your kid will depend on several factors, the main one being your child’s age.  Here’s a guide on the best thermometer to use by age:

Best thermometers for Newborns (0-2 months)

If your baby is a newborn, the best baby thermometer to use is a rectal thermometer. Even though they are the most invasive types of thermometers, medical experts recommend them because they are the most accurate thermometers to use on newborns.

When choosing a rectal thermometer, go for the one that has a broad base and a flexible tip. These features are beneficial as they will prevent you from inserting the rectal thermometer too far, which could be dangerous for your young one.

Another ideal type of thermometer to use for newborns is a forehead thermometer. This type of thermometer is the least invasive, the safest and the most convenient to use. This is because it makes use of infrared technology to scan and gauge the temperature of the temporal artery on the forehead.

Best thermometers for Infants 3-6 months

At this age, several types of baby thermometers can be used. Rectal thermometers are considered an ideal option for babies of this age as they are very accurate.

Forehead thermometers, otherwise known as temporal thermometers are also ideal for measuring fever temperature in infants.

Pacifier thermometers can also be used on babies of this age. These types of thermometers are basically thermometers that are built into pacifiers. While they can be used to measure temperature, they are not highly recommended by doctors as they are not very accurate.

Best thermometers for Toddlers 7 months – 1 Year

In addition to rectal and forehead thermometers, axillary thermometers are also ideal for use on toddlers. These types of thermometers are placed under the armpit to measure temperature.

While axillary thermometers are non-invasive, they are the least accurate. Therefore, they are only recommended as a last resort in case you can’t use another different type of thermometer.

Best thermometers for babies aged 12 months-4 years

In addition to all the other types of thermometers (except for the oral thermometers), ear canal thermometers can be used on children within this age bracket. These types of thermometers are placed in the ear canal and are minimally invasive.

An ear thermometer is not recommended for children who are less than 1 year as their ear canals are too narrow to allow for an accurate reading.

When it comes to children above 4 years, they can use oral thermometers in addition to all the other types of thermometers. Oral thermometers are placed under the tongue and are considered safe and accurate.

It is of great importance that you choose the type of thermometer that is recommended for your child’s age. Rectal and forehead thermometers are considered safe for use in children of any age, which makes them the best choice of thermometers.

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