One of the scariest moments parents face is when their children experience the first rise in temperature. Your kid’s forehead may become abnormally hot, and you may wonder whether your kid has got a fever. But wait, before you panic and run to a medical care center, it’s wise to confirm whether your suspicion holds water. Lucky enough, you may avoid wasting your time and money on an unnecessary visit to a health care center thanks to a kid’s forehead thermometer.

Baby digital thermometer gives you a precise reading of your kid’s temperature. After you get the accurate temperature, you’ll be able to know whether your loved one needs urgent medical attention or not.

Expectedly, there are overwhelming types of thermometers in today's market. Choosing the best thermometer for a baby today is both confusing and challenging. It is also surprising to know that there’re specific thermometers which are tailored for kids. But how do you tell which among the crowd is the best thermometer for your baby? Here are the factors you need to consider when looking for the best baby fever thermometer.

  1. Accurate Readings

This is the most crucial feature to look for when buying a baby forehead thermometer. Let’s face it; if your thermometer is inaccurate, it is as useless as a piece of plastic. Right? Good news is that we now have Captain Well digital baby forehead thermometer from Captain Eco, which have been approved by FDA for accurate readings. The highly advanced medical forehead thermometer has been clinically tested and proven to provide the most reliable readings.

  1. Designed With Safety in Mind

Does your clinical forehead thermometer come with probe covers and other annoying accessories, which may pose a choking hazard for kids? If yes, think again! You really need to look for a compact thermometer that doesn’t have additional parts which your kid may take off with ease.

  1. Consistency

If the thermometer at hand is accurate, the next important feature you need to consider is consistency. You need to look for a basal thermometer that gives you a reliable and consistent reading every time you measure. But if you’ve taken your infant’s temperature first at 37 Degrees Celsius, you take another one at 35.6, and another at 38, all within two or three minutes, then move on and look for another medical thermometer.

  1. Response Time

Would you choose a thermometer that takes forever to give you a reading? Certainly not! Gone are the days when you would wait for four to five minutes to get a reading. Go for a Smart Digital thermometer that gives not only reliable but also speedy results. Captain Well Bluetooth Smart thermometer is innovatively designed to provide you with accurate and consistent readings within a single second! Most modern digital thermometers will often give you a reading within ten seconds.

  1. Effortless To Clean and Use

Any device that gets into contact with your kid will have to be thoroughly cleaned after use. A simple to clean kid’s thermometer will simplify the process of removing dirt and germs hiding in the tool’s ridges. As a busy parent, you don’t want a thermometer that’s hard to use on an already fussy kid. Look for a smart thermometer that seamlessly displays the temperature reading within seconds without hassle.

The bottom line

Needless saying; choosing the best baby thermometer from the countless models out there may not be an easy task. But you don’t have to worry anymore! Captain Eco have got a solution for you thanks to their Smart Digital Ear and Forehead Thermometer. We can assure you that this is one of the few models we have that boasts all the above-discussed features. We wish you an exciting shopping experience!