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The Best Foods for Having Healthy Hair

Many of us are not satisfied with how our natural hair looks! and as if this is not enough as we get older the desire to have longer hair becomes stronger. Body health has a direct association with healthy and long hair. And trying out something natural instead of commercial based chemicals can completely change your hair condition.

There are many other factors revolving around growing hair. Such as genetics, something you can’t take control of. Instead, You can fully take control of your diet and promote the growth of the hair. Moreover, prevent hair loss by consuming what is lacking in your diet.

To keep the scalp healthy as a base for the growth of lustrous hair, you need to sharply pay attention to at least the state of two hair components. And those are protein and keratin.

Your regular choices of food should be packed with the natural nourishments of two above, aligned with absorbing components like vitamins and minerals. You can change the appearance of your hair including its thickness and pigmentation and growth by changing with the item you’ve filled in your pantry with. So next time in your grocery shopping put these items below on your list because they do wonders to your hair!

The best food and diet to stop hair fall


Antioxidants can bring more protection to the hair follicles. Antioxidants will further damages of radicals and other destructive molecules.

Vitamin C is important since the body requires this key component to produce collagen. This is an essential part of healthy hair as it blocks the possibility of breakage in the strands of the hair and brittles in them. Vitamin C is also a crucial key for the hair structure to be able to absorb the iron. The intake of one standard cup strawberries not only fills your need for antioxidants but also it will surpass your need for vitamin C.

Foods for increasing hair volume


The initial preparing steps are to increase the level of vitamin C in your body. When this phrase is around you may think of orange, yet in fact, a sweet paper has 5.5 times more resources of vitamin C as the typical amount in the orange.

Just having the mindset of adding up sweet papers with bright colors to your regular food can make a drastic difference. The body is in oxidative stress condition once it wants to protect itself against the free radicals. Radicals are one of the major causes of hairs going gray.

  • A natural supplier with a mixture of vitamins A and C will do the job for you and you’ll combat issues noted above. Luckily sweet paper is a source of both. Also excellent food for having more volume in the hair.
  • On the top of your morning starters should be oatmeal. A cooked version of one cup of this plant-based morning deliciousness has only 150 calories. Yet, it flourishes your body with zinc, potassium, calcium, iron and tons of fiber. You can top off your morning bowl with walnut butter or peanuts cream and double up the amount of zinc in your system. better than that grow your hair faster than ever!

Biotin rich foods


  • There are two types of yeast available in the market and both of them are widely used and very beneficial for hair growth. Nutritional yeast and brewer’s yeast are great sources of biotin. If this is new to your diet, no worries! you can easily add nutritional yeast to have extra cheesy flavor in any combination. or even make a diverse range of dough by brewer yeast and bring this rich resource of biotin to your daily dishes.

Almond butter

  • If you want a healthy resource of protein, almond butter could be one of the best answers. The natural source of vitamin E is not in every fruit of food you have. However, you can have this great vitamin in your diet by consuming almond butter. The importance of vitamin E specifically for hair is that it keeps the locks thick and lustrous. As tropical life research journals, based on a conducted research, released those who have had 100 milligrams of vitamin E in their daily diet have had 34 percent more hair growth.
  • You can find a good amount of this vitamin in the one tablespoon of almond butter. Precisely there are 3.87 milligrams of vitamin E in one tablespoon. The least necessary amount of this vitamin in the diet should be 15 milligrams and with a couple of spoon almond butter gives you a good amount of fat-soluble vitamin E.

Which vegetables are good for hair growth?



  • A good and super beneficial green vegetable you can consume is spinach. This greenery is an absolute miracle when it comes to the right nutrition for the body. You can find both vitamin c and iron packed in spinach leaves while having other great resources, particularly for the hair-like vitamins A and folates.
  • The last two innate ingredients help your scalp to produce natural oil or sebum. And this substance will keep moisture in your hair. Considering that vitamin A is found less in the various food, only a quota of 30 grams will fulfill more than half of your general need for this vitamin.
  • This friendly green is an exceptional resource of Iron and the best part is that your consumption of iron is totally plant-based. This means with minimum toxical ingredients you will have the finest blood circulation and a boost in your metabolism, more importantly, this natural combination will your hair cells to repair and growth. Something we all want!

Vegetables With Beta-Carotene

  • You probably haven’t come across in your day to day diet to the beta-carotene. Generally, this substance is a form of antioxidants with a very symmetrical and linear internal structure.
  • The body will transform beta-carotene into vitamin A. as briefly we came across, vitamin A is multipurpose goodness! The cognitive function enhances if the consumption of sources with this is rich in your daily diet. And it tackles the macular degeneration which is something that occurs by aging.  Eating the right amount of this can even reverse the aging effects!
  • The most secure options to go for are natural choices since the body while digesting with much more ease can balance itself. We make the choices for you pretty easy. In a grocery market keep your eyes on the vegetables with red to yellow tone. This means you can pick up any vegetables within this color palette. couple examples of the supreme beta-carotene sources are sweet potato, red and yellow peppers, romaine lettuce and squash.
  • A substantial amount of this natural ingredient can be found in the kale, broccoli, and peas as well. So, your selection at the market can be exciting, diverse and colorful.


  • Many wouldn’t bring attention to their intake of biotin. A healthy individual will have 17 micrograms of vitamin B7 or biotin by having a single serving of cauliflower. If this is not something that you wouldn’t have in your diet you can add it in a creative way. There are many recipes by which you can bring deliciousness to your diet yet nourish your body with the best plant-based resource among the vegetables. So, make sure to at least try Mashed cauliflower!


  • The biotin embodiment is mushroom. You can have a rich and biotin-infused launch by tossing some mushrooms to your favorite dishes. There are endless ways of cooking mushrooms and equally countless kinds of it. So, you can make untypical and yummy mixtures and never feel stuck in one dish at all! at the same time nourish your hair.
  • You get to choose between a wild and cultivated version of them on the organic farmers market and you can put amazing tasty dishes on the everyday table at your home. Crimini, Portobello, and Oyster mushrooms are the best ones for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can use the oyster mushroom as a substitute for meat as it has identical texture to it. Or try preparing an omelet within the big cap of Portobello mushrooms and enjoy. There is even Enoki mushroom which is very thin and great for soup and noodle dishes. These are known as golden needle mushrooms and they could be a great salad base as well.


  • A major beneficial plant-based ingredient for the health of hair is beans. They carry a load Zinc with themselves as 100 grams of the most common sort- cannellini white kidney beans has 10% zinc. You can find 2.6 grams of zinc in one cup of Garbanzo beans and the list goes on. Similar to the seed, you can find many recipes that use a mixture of varied beans. And eating a rich combination will revolutionize your hair health. Make sure to not neglect the significance of beans and it’s nutritional beauty!
  • Seeds

  • In addition to the above alternatives, you can manage to get great looking hair with less calorie intake. Seeds are massive when it comes to the resourceful food for healthy hair. You can find essential components such as selenium, zinc and vitamin E in 30 grams of highly available seeds such as sunflower seed.
  • Another seed used often by those who take their diet more serious is flaxseed. Similar to spinach, flaxseed is packed with omega-3 fatty acids and they are a great alternative to meat-based versions like salmon. In order to get the same an equal amount of healthy fatty acids, you need to eat 200 grams of salmon while you can bring the same amount to your body by only adding 30 grams of flaxseed to your day to day diet. It is the best practice if you combine healthy seeds together and add them to your salad or morning smoothies.

Which fruits are good for hair growth?


Amla or Amrit nectar

The secret food for further volumizing the hair is Amla. In your new and modified diet, you should know to take one Alma a day to keep the hair loss away!

Amla or Amrit nectar is a premium nourishing nectar with a plethora of rich ingredients within itself. Its usability is tripled unlike any other mentioned nutrients within this article. You can benefit from the fruit form to its oil and powder.

Amla is a great source of moisture as one Amla contains 81 percent nourishing liquid. Whether your hair feels dry or greasy in both case this astonishing fruit can do marvelous tricks to your hair. Simply you can apply the extracted oil of this fruit to the ends of your hair to condition them or apply the powder to absorb the unwanted moisture on the scalp. The last option is great because it is a natural dry shampoo and helps you to lessen the number of deep head cleansing. More importantly, it is very gentle which makes it an eligible candidate for all types of hair.

This originally eastern fruit is immensely effective for enhancing the hair pigmentations. Additionally, it has anti-microbial features. This will banish unwanted odor and germs on the scalp and hairs.

These magnificent natural resources have antioxidant resources more than any other fruit on your list. For instance, a comparison with pomegranate will prove the point as amla has 17 times more antioxidants.


  • This fruit makes vitamin C easier for every single organ in your body to absorb. Make sure you don’t confuse this fruit with orange. These two are way different as tangerine is grown in the tropical regions of Asia. Each peel of tangerine is a capsule of nutrients. With one, you have vitamin C, A, potassium and folate as well as iron. So your body immediately will absorb all of this beside you can find flavonoids, as a very powerful antioxidant, in this fruit. This component promotes better blood flow and oxidizes toxic substances in your body. Tangerine alone will improve your scalp as it sets the base for better growth of follicles.
  • One whole tangerine contains 599 units of vitamin A which improve the totality of immune function in all the parts of the body.


  • You need to put this good looking and smelling fruit in your bucket of groceries. Strawberries are powerful nutrients since they are the main resource of silica. This base component works as an automatic hair fall controller and on top of that, it stimulates the growth of hair strands. Additionally, this fresh red fruit provides two other major benefits for you and those are easily digestible resources of vitamin B and C.
  • The best part is that you can have strawberries all year long and add it to other great hair foods like oats or salads.


  • You can use banana both on-page and off-page! This signifies that peeling off one banana a day won’t disappoint you at all! You can either make some pancakes with it and eat up potassium, magnesium, and vitamin A. Or make a banana hair mask and repair those damaged and colored hairs. The result in both will satisfy you since a shiny and healthy hair will become your new statement accessory everywhere you go!


  • This fruit is another utile and dual-purpose nutrient. Grapeseed oil detoxifies the scalp and prevents immature hair fall. This oil has been in the hair care game for a long time and the reason for that is it’s proven outcomes.
  • You can add up a few drops of grapeseed oil to your plate or eat up a bunch of grapes in one sitting in the afternoon and restore the glory to your crown. Another creative way is to consume the raw seed by a rich morning smoothie and turn the engine of hair growth and accelerate its procedure.

Plums and apricots

  • Bioflavonoids a connective tissue between hair follicles and scalp and the main component of a healthy version is bioflavonoid. Just like the gum which holds the teeth, a healthy and strong bioflavonoid drastically assists the three-part of hair growth. Plums have the key nutrients for building up strong scalp skin. Moreover, you can grow thicker hair naturally since the procedure of hair growth is more secured.
  • Apricot, especially in the middle of summer, with its golden-orange color, particularly in the summer, can noticeably change the condition of the damaged scalp. Additionally, apricot oil works as an excellent hair conditioner. Similar to other noted foods for hairs this fruit is also another dual treatment for hair. It can be used as a rich resource of nutrition and also its extract for nourishing the hair.

To get healthy-looking hair you need to incorporate as many key nutrients as you can into your diet.  Adding a variety of fruits and vegetables in this article not only shortens the procedure of hair growth but also level up every other needed aspect of healthy-looking skin and nail. These are the foods you can easily substitute with pre-proceed packaged versions and easily bring digestible resources of B vitamins, zinc, iron, and fiber and all those necessary components for the hair to your daily meal. So, don’t hesitate and try them out!

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