I used to think that shower filters are simply one of the overhyped gimmicks of women with skin and hair issues or health freaks. But then reading various findings and researches changed my mind. In various studies, it was found that adding shower head filter to your shower plays a major role in keeping various health issues away even more than adding a tap water filter on your kitchen tap does.

Keep yourself safe from chlorine filled water

While you are exfoliating, cleansing and scrubbing the bacteria and dirt from your body, your shower head is spraying water full of chemicals actually. This leads to a wide variety of health issues resulting in irritation and skin irritation resulting in life-threatening issues.

Basically, in the absence of shower head filter, you are showering in water full of pesticides which are mainly chlorine. This chlorine kills harmful pathogens present in water as well as beneficial bacteria from our body. You need to be aware that scare tactics have become very common these days and things like dermal chlorine are exaggerated.

Does chlorination of water remove the harmful pathogens

Here is an overview of the various risk factors as per medical science. Most of us are aware of the fact that how crucial drinking proper water and filtering it is to keep us safe from contaminants or chemicals. But you didn’t know that shower water can even be very harmful as compared to drinking water.

What is present in your Shower water?

Shower water which is not filtered contains a variety of chemicals like chlorine as well as fungus and bacteria on the shower head. The skin has much more role to play than covering the body. It is one of the largest organs which is responsible for crucial functions like creation and synthesis of Vitamin D. It even has the ability to absorb from what it comes in contact with and it has its own unique microbiomes that are very important!

What is present in your Shower water

this is the reason why tropical magnesium oil works so well and sunlight has got so important. It is also the reason why shower filter is so important.

Chlorine is very effective in killing pathogens present in water. But this property of chlorine also makes it harmful for the skin microbiome and disturbs the crucial balance of required skin bacteria. These are few of the large risks which belonged to the chemicals present in shower water and the reasons why one needs to use the shower head filter:-

1. Chlorine gets absorbed through showering more than drinking water

It may seem far-fetched, but showering in water with chlorine will lead to increased chlorine absorption compared to drinking chlorinated water. The logic behind this is that we usually take shower with warm water which leads to easy absorption as warm water opens skin pores. And as the skin has an obviously larger area so the water is coming in contact with larger body area. Research has proven that chlorine in shower water will enter the bloodstream easily as the water has less molecular weight and easily gets inside our body.

Chlorine gets absorbed through showering more than drinking water

Chlorine also interacts with other material in water and leads to the formation of harmful byproducts like THMs- trihalomethanes. One of the THMs is chloroform which is mentioned so many times in Nancy Drew parts if any of you love reading. It was used by criminals to make victims pass out. Thankfully, it is not present in such high amount in shower water to lead to that much serious situation, but I hope you all agree that it’s still not such a good idea to come into contact with it regularly.

Warm water and air even open up the lungs, thus leading to inhaling of the chemicals easier. A study has found that chloroform has been found in higher than usual amounts after the participants took a warm shower.

Chemicals that enter through the skin are absorbed into the blood stream more quickly and lead to a great impact on the body. It is especially great when we talk about things like topical magnesium, which should enter our body fast and in large amounts. But what we are not happy about entering our body in large amounts are harmful disinfectant products.

2. Shower water leads to chemicals in air inside your home

There are some things that lead to indoor air pollution. Scented candles release paraffin and harmful chemicals in the air and are one of the main sources of air pollution inside homes. Cleaning products and air fresheners are also major causes, but what many of us miss is the shower water!

Shower water leads to chemicals in air inside your home

The shower water heat leads to vaporizing of the chemicals and get into the air in high quantity compared to the amount present in the water.  The EPA saw that THMs and some byproducts were detected in significant amounts in indoor air due to the shower water.

3. Chemicals in shower water leads to harm to skin microbiome and cause skin irritation

The microbiome is not just present in the stomach, it is also found on the body, in mouth and skin. Showering in water full of chlorine will lead to decrease in bacteria and many people don’t find any visible effects, although some may experience irritation, eczema or dry skin. You can read more about how shower filter removes chemicals dangerous to your health by reading our blog.

Chemicals in shower water leads to harm to skin microbiome and cause skin irritation

4. Chemicals in shower water lead to various health issues like cancer

As a follow-up, some of the chemicals can become problematic and lead to various cancer types. The chemical is very harmful when it is consumed with water but leads to more harm when absorbed or inhaled through the skin. Research done on health effects of water with chlorine has shown that it leads to various toxicity issues. Studies have shown that using chloraminated drinking water result in increased risk of rectal, bladder and kidney cancers. TMH present in chemically treated water has resulted in various poor birth outcomes like birth defects, spontaneous abortion and low weight of the child.

Chemicals in shower water lead to various health issues like cancer

Chloramine and chlorine vapours are related to high risks of asthma and damage the mucosal lining of the respiratory tract. Free radicals present in chlorine water result to weak immune system, liver malfunction and pre-arteriosclerotic change in arteries.

5. Chloramines are more harmful than Chlorine

Another chemical used in water supplies is Chloramine, a mixture of ammonia and chlorine. As one can imagine, it has various risks too and may become irritating for the lungs and skin than chlorine.

Chloramines are more harmful than Chlorine

Unfortunately, various filters which remove chlorine don’t easily remove chloramines, therefore it’s important to find other options and address other chemicals too when thinking about shower filters.


There are hundreds of various types and brands of shower filters in the market presently, but one of the most effective filters using Vitamin C, carbon or kinetic degradation fluxion filtration system. Each of the filters has their own advantages as well disadvantages, so it’s important to find out what you require to know to filter to decide which type of shower head filter will work the best as per your requirements.

Getting a shower filter head is a simple and inexpensive step which can lead to a great difference in decreasing chlorine and chemical exposure at home. Some people seem to be sensitive to chlorine and see the effects more easily, but these chemicals will only affect us on a cellular level.

Using a bath dechlorinator shower head filter is a great way to remove harmful chemicals and chlorine from shower and bath water.

A shower filter is not for everybody, it is just for people who make sure that they are really getting clean when they are getting clean!