A leaky shower head may be so much annoying and causes irritation. The most annoying thing is the dip sound caused due to leakage of water. If the leakage occurs then the first things that arise in mind is to call plumber. Before calling a plumber there are some tips to stop the leakage. The initial step is to turn off the water supply of the shower head then is to remove the faceplate of the shower head. The other step is dipping the faceplate or shower head in the vinegar solution for eight hours. The vinegar helps to soak the deposits. Then is to manually remove the leftover deposits with a toothpick. The last step is to fix the shower head. If you no longer notice a leakage, that means the problem has been resolved. To replace a leaky shower cartridge there are basically two steps involved first is to remove the shower valve handle. The next is to remove the shower valve escutcheon.

shower valve handle

1> Tools Needed for Shower Valve Repair:

There are basically four types of tools that you need require for Shower Valve Repair that are screw drivers, deep well sockets, adjustable wrench or channel lock pliers, Teflon tapes or pipe dope. Initially to remove the valve cap or a handle there is need of screw drivers. After the removal of escutcheon ring you need a deep well socket. There is requirement of the Teflon tape while installation of new valve stem for repair of leakage.

2> How to Fix a Leaking Shower Head:

There could be different ways to fix a leaking shower head, if all the time leakage is being caused then you may fix it yourself there is no need to wait for the plumber. If the shower head nozzles are clogged up from the hard water deposition the water will try to come out from another source, this may cause leakage. It is important to remove the clogging by cleansing it properly with acids like vinegar. If your shower head is made up of plastic then you may use any of the hard water removers. You may simply pour lime onto the shower head and use a toothpick to remove the gunk. Once everything is clean and serviced put on the Teflon tape and reinstall the shower head.

How to Fix a Leaking Shower Head

3> How to Install a Shower Valve Cartridge:

It is really important to install a shower valve cartridge in correct orientation. First of all gather the material needed to install the shower valve cartridge. Then turn of the water or drain system.  There is a hot side of a cartilage so it is important to orient the hot side on left. Then remove the trim from the valve then unscrew the bonnets. Finally remove the old cartridge and replace it with the new cartridge. Once the cartilage is installed replace the bonnet.

Conclusion: Replacing a shower head gives a new looks to your shower. Don’t hesitate to make a call to the plumber if the leakage is not stopped. DIY anomalies may lead to serious problems such as leaks and flooding which again can results to great loss resulting in increased utility bills.