Chlorine is the disinfectant that is added in water by the communities to clean the water. When chlorine combines with other chemicals it forms trihalomethane chloride which has an adverse effect on your body. The hot water coming from the shower opens up the pores of the body and damages the skin and hair. The hot water creates a stream when you inhale causes adverse effect to lungs and other body parts.

1> Effects of Contaminated Water on Our Health

There are various adverse effects of contaminated water on human health. The harmful effects may range from physical to severe illness or even death. It causes various diseases such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and cramps. Some of the effects may be immediate and others can be after a prolonged period of time. Nausea is just uneasiness of stomach which is caused before vomiting these are not the diseases. These are just involuntary forces which arise in the body when some antibodies or a harmful bacterium enters the human body. This occurs due to presence of disinfectants like chlorine present in water. Cramps and bloating in the body are general symptoms of diarrhea. This causes an adverse effect on digestive system.

2> Why Dangerous to Our Health

Studies reveal that nearly seventy percent of earth is surrounded by water but only ten to twenty percent of the water is fresh and is safe to use for our daily life activities such as drinking, washing, bathing and cooking. Rest of the water is unfit or dangerous to our health. The fresh water is also not safe, clean and pure. It is also contaminated which causes serious health problems and badly effects the health of human. There are various sources of water which have adverse impact on the health of human body including naturally occurring minerals as well as other chemicals for example arsenic, radon and uranium. The presence of contaminants has adverse health effects like neurological disorders, reproductive problems and gastrointestinal illness. The categories of individuals which are prone to these effects are Infants, pregnant women and elderly people

Why Dangerous to Our Health

3> How to Test Water Quality

Clean and fresh water is the necessity of life. You may easily test the quality of water by using just a small kit. The kit contains a strip and the color of the strip changes according to water mineral content. If the kit contains only single strip then it indicates the PH of water. The kit also contains a color of chart. You may compare the color of the strip with that chart which shows the result.

How to Test Water Quality

3> Why Eco Friendly Shower Filter is Good?

The eco friendly filters are best to use because these need of everything from small apartments to big villas. The eco filters are the filters that remove ninety nine percent of the impurities and disinfectants such as chlorine, metals, and toxins. With these filters you do not require traditional RO systems and your water will be protected from viruses and bacteria this is why you that is why we need extensive requirement of shower filter. These filters even don’t require electricity hence cheap.

4> How Shower Filter Eliminates Harmful Chemicals

Installation of a filter at your shower head is an essential way of protecting your family’s health. Some filters such as carbon filter and activated charcoal filters filter out carbon component. This highly effective filter helps to remove harmful chemicals like benzene, tetra chloride, toluene and xylene. One of the best filters is vitamin C filter, which not only removes the carbon content but also removes chloramines.

5> Why A Shower Head Water Filter Really Necessary

There are numerous benefits of using a shower head filters. These filters nowadays have become a major necessity-

  • Shower filters are really effective that decreases the exposure of skin to various chemicals like chlorine.
  • Skin and hair will become softer, shiny and healthier by the usage of these filters.
  • These are the most effective way to get rid of various skin diseases like skin rashes.
  • Filtered water helps to decrease the risk of asthma and other respiratory diseases which occur due to inhalation of chemicals such as chlorine.
  • Since your water will be clean, clear and free from chemicals that reduces the chances of falling victim to serious illness including cancer.

Why A Shower Head Water Filter Really Necessary

Conclusion: Taking a shower bath is really the pleasant experience that perks up your morning and washes off the troubles even if taken at evening. By using a shower head filter the harmful effects of the chemicals and bacteria could be reduced which helps to maintain a healthier environment and decreases the risk of health hazard diseases. For sure not any of the shower filters will be hundred percent effective in filtering your bath water but up to some maximum amount they are able to eradicate the harmful chemicals.