Renovating your bathroom? Replacing your shower head? Designing a new shower for your bathroom? No matter what the reason is, it is important to learn everything about shower heads so that later on, you may not repent on your decision. Selecting a new shower head may seem easy. But when the real situation comes, you realize how big and complex the decision is. It is due to the number of factors that are to be considered while taking the decision. For some, the realization may occur when they will start using the shower that how wrong they were thinking that it was an easy decision.

Bathroom Renovations

Take a moment and close your eyes, imagine yourself taking a bath in a luxurious hotel bathroom which has the sleekest and modern fixtures and shower heads. Sounds awesome, isn’t it? Well, it is not that difficult to get that experience in your homes as well by selecting a suitable shower head for your bathroom. There are various high-quality shower heads to choose from.

One tip that you need to keep in mind while choosing a shower head is that you should not look for the popular shower head in the market, instead, you need to find the best shower head for you suiting the conditions where it will be installed. For example, your home is on the 20th floor of a building and the water pressure is not so high here so the same shower head won’t work in the same way as it would have worked if you would have stayed on the 5th floor. You can’t blame the shower head as it would have worked great on any other floor. The blame goes to your wrong selection.

Confused and Overwhelmed?

No worries, we have simplified it for you. Here you will find 8 tips that will help you to choose the best shower head for you. All you need to do is read this till the end and follow the simple 8 tips. I can assure you that by the time you will reach the end of the article, it will be worth every minute you have spent on reading it.

Confused and overwhelmed

We have created a guide for you to help you decide what features you may want in your shower so that you can select the right shower head the very first time.

Types of Shower Heads

First of all, we will give you an overview of different types of shower heads. Here are different types of shower heads which you have to choose from:-

Single Spray Shower Head

This is the traditional shower head which is mostly used. These are budget friendly shower heads that mostly have a nozzle that can be adjusted to alter the patterns of water spray making it easy to customize for various users.

Single spray shower head

Rain Shower Head

These shower heads spray the water over a wider surface area. As its name suggests, the shower head imitates rainfall. The flat and wide shower heads are used to spread the water quantity over a large area which decreases the amount of pressure of water that will fit your body.

Under a large rain shower head, you can enjoy the feeling of singing in rain and shower at the same time.

Rain shower head

Hand Held Shower Head

This type of shower head can be detached from their holders and are present with long hoses that let the users wash even the hard to reach areas. These shower heads are very flexible. These shower heads are suitable if you bath your pets or you have the family member who has health issues affecting his/her mobility.

Handheld shower head

Dual or Multiple Shower Head

At times, dual shower heads make use of a single lever. There may be a diverter valve in them so that you may use only a single shower head when you may feel like saving water. In case of multiple shower heads, water flows from multiple outlets. You just need to select the design while choosing a shower head.

Dual or multiple shower head

Ceiling Shower Head

Similar to rain shower heads, these shower heads also spray water over a large area. The water flows from ceiling thus there will be less water on the walls of the shower thus decreasing the chances of mildew. But the ceiling shower head has the drawback of not being within reach whenever you will feel like cleaning it. These shower heads don’t let the users target a particular area of the body as the water streams on your whole body from directly upward. So you can’t rinse off the soap from your body while leaving the conditioner on your hair.

Ceiling shower head

Sliding Bar Shower Head

People who have family members with great difference in height should choose the sliding bar head as the heights of these shower heads can be adjusted. It is basically the hands-free form of the hand held shower heads.

Sliding bar shower head

8 Tips to Choose the Best Shower Head for You

Shower heads are not just about functionality but they are also used to decorate our bathrooms. They are available in varying designs, colors and functionalities. Choosing one may seem to be complex due to the plethora of choices available. So here are 8 tips that you should keep in mind while selecting a shower head to choose the most suitable one for you!

8 Tips to choose the best shower head for you

  • Set a budget

The first step should be to set up a budget so that you can easily find the best shower within your budget. Having a price range will help you narrow down the number of choices of shower heads. Having a budget also makes you more alert in searching for various bargain deals that you may find. You just need to keep in mind that you will have to buy the best shower head possible within your price range.

  • Create a list of your requirements and limitations

The next important step is to plan as per your requirements. You need to go out and create a plan as per your budget and requirements. When we decide to buy a shower head, there are various factors that we need to keep in mind. Some of these questions are what kind of shower head you want? Whether you need a hand-held or fixed one? Or you would prefer a shower head which would be a combination of both? Do you have pets to bath? Will the older people use the shower head? Would you need a shower where you will get to change the speed settings? Do you need massage option?

Once you have finalized your requirements, you need to consider the limitations to use the shower head too. Some of these limitations are the pressure of water in your home, the quantity of water that you can use as per your budget, interiors of your bathroom as per which the finish of the shower head will be decided, etc. Once you have listed all the requirements and limitations now you can start the process of searching for a shower head as per the list.

Create a list of your requirements and limitations

  • Set your priorities

prefer style then you will have to choose the shower head that will suit the already existing bathroom fixtures. This decision is important as you can give priority to the aspect you prefer more and sacrifice the other aspect whenever you will face a dilemma. You can also get water filter installed in your shower head to ensure that you bath with filtered water. To know more benefits of bathing more filtered water, you can read our article.

Nowadays there is a wide range of shower heads available in various finishes like pewter, brushed stainless, oil rubbed bronze, chrome, etc. From rustic, traditional, contemporary to modern, there are endless styles available. Choosing the one that will match with the other hardware in your bathroom will look it more attractive.

  • Select the suitable Mount

This factor is important while selecting a shower head. The shower head can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. You also need to take the decision of the distance of how far you want the streams of the shower head to project from the ceiling or wall. Keep in mind the height of shower users before installing and choosing. Measure the shower to make sure that the angle and height of the shower will work for you. If you want a ceiling mount as low as possible, choose the one that is closer to the flush. Check if the projection, height and size are comfortable for shower-takers. You don’t have to bend and should easily reach the head whenever needed.

  • Don’t choose shower heads requiring complex installation

Before buying an attractive shower head, you should ensure that it doesn’t have an installation procedure that may involve different modifications to the existing plumbing of your home. This will cost you more money. But if you can afford it then it's up to you. Ultimately the most suitable shower head is the one that has functionality and also matches your home interior decoration!

  • Do some homework before finalizing

There is a wide range of some great shower products made by some of the top names. Once you decide what you need then you need to do some research. You will have to read reviews of each of the products on local newspapers, forums, magazines or websites before spending your money on buying any of them. There are few products that may not work despite the claims made by their manufacturers. It may happen due to a variety of reasons. Only when you will go through the reviews and feedback from the previous customers that you will know how good a product really works.

Some of the showers are so popular and good that when you will go through their reviews you will find a large number of customers providing good feedback about it. Also, you need to ensure that the feedbacks are provided by unbiased customers through 3rd party sites as sometimes there are fake reviews posted on the site itself.  With reviews and information in your hand, you would be able to buy one of the best shower head for you.

  • Choose a shower head on the basis of the flow that you would prefer

Shower heads should be chosen on the basis of the pressure and water flow that will meet your needs. If your bathroom is in a home where the water pressure and flow are low and you like to bath in a relaxing stream of water then you may choose the shower head accordingly. Expensive shower heads can vary the pressure of water from the standard champagne drops to gentle mist, relaxing massage or strong water streams.

  • Choose the shower head which is durable

Prices of shower heads can vary from $10 to $1000 but you don’t have to spend a large amount of money to get a comfortable and high-quality shower head. Whether you select a brass shower head or any other metal, you just need to ensure its regular maintenance and upkeep and it will last longer. If you have chosen a plastic shower head then make sure that it is built with resistance against lime buildup so that there won’t be any clogging in it. There will be lime accumulation eventually in all the shower heads so make sure that you wipe the accumulation from the nozzle after some time.



Shower fixtures are just not restricted to being functional items, they play a major part in our daily routine. They help us freshen up and get ready for our day ahead, warm us when we feel cold and give a soothing hug whenever we come tired from work or our daily struggles. There is a close relation with shower heads and therefore we depend on their performance. If you are searching for a new showering fixture then you need to consider factors like spray style, budget, size of the bathroom, etc. With a large number of choices available, you may get overwhelmed after visiting the nearest bathroom appliance shop or searched online.

If you will follow these 8 tips given above, you will surely find the best shower head for you that will ensure a refreshing bath for you and your family!