We all know the importance of filtering drinking water, but what about shower water? Studies have revealed that unfiltered shower water can lead to serious health complications. Therefore, it is just as important to filter shower water as drinking water. So if you thought that shower filters were trivial components of shower heads, here are five reasons why you need to think again and install one: 


1.     To Minimize The Amount Of Chlorine, Your Body Absorbs When Showering

Did you know that our bodies absorb more chlorine when showering than when drinking hard water? It's a hard pill to swallow, but it's true. Chlorine molecules are super light. Remember, when showering, your entire body comes into contact with hard water. This makes it easy for the chlorine molecules to penetrate your porous skin and enter your bloodstream.


The long-term effects of chlorine in the body range from cancer to other severe health complications. Therefore, you need to invest in a chlorine filter shower head to avoid these health risks.



2.    To Purify the Air You Breathe at Home

A study revealed that showering with hot chlorinated water is riskier than with cold water. This is because the vapor you inhale from the chlorinated water enters your lungs and morphs into a chloroform concentrate. Chloroform is a form of trihalomethanes (THMs) which can affect you severely if the concentrate in your lungs exceeds a certain level.

This is where a dechlorinating filter comes in handy. It is a form of a showerhead filter that is designed to neutralize all traces of THMs in steamy hard water, thereby eliminating odors from the showerhead, which are among the leading causes of allergy and asthma attacks.


3.    To Eliminate the Millions of Microbes in Your Shower

Norman Pace, a professor at the University of Colorado, uttered these famous words that you’re never truly alone when showering. His study of showerheads across the US indicated that millions of microorganisms live in your showerheads. In fact, 60% 0f the showerheads he tested contained a pathogen called Mycobacterium avium, which causes unpleasant illness as the pulmonary disease. 

It is important to remember that water from any source contains these microorganisms. But maybe this is the wakeup call you needed to install an aqua showerhead.


4.    To Improve the Look and Feel of Your Skin

In case you didn’t know, water filter shower heads have many cosmetic benefits on your nail, hair and skin connection. The sulfide minerals in hard water suck absorb moisture from your skin and disrupt the balance of the beneficial bacteria that live in your body.

Water filters remove fluoride and chlorine in your shower water and dramatically improves your skin, nail and hair appearance. Dry, itchy skin, dry, frizzy hair and an itchy, irritated scalp after showering are some of the signs that you need a shower filter system.



5.    To Re-Energize Your Body and Mind

Two of the main fundamental reasons for showering is to freshen up and get revitalization energy. But if showering with hot chlorinated water, it is likely that a shower no longer provides you with the desired sensations and instead you’re experiencing physical and mental fatigue.

This is because your body takes in large amounts of chlorine through inhalation and skin absorption. When the chlorine enters your bloodstream, it lowers your body's immunity, which makes you more prone to allergic reactions and infectious diseases.

A hard water filter system helps eliminate harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)such as chlorine molecules in your shower to freshen you up and rejuvenate your mind and body.



Apart from these five reasons, shower filters have many other short-term and long-term health benefits.  There’s a saying, act the part, get the part; so if this post has done nothing for you, well and good, but if it has persuaded you to install a filter, you should consider the Captain Eco brand. You will get the best shower filters, and on top of this, you'll be supporting a green company.