Shower filters have taken the market by storm thanks to their ability to purify water used to cleanse our bodies. The invention of a bathroom shower filter was fueled by the use of chlorine to purify water. It has however been discovered that chlorine is made up of particles that are detrimental to our health. Worse still; research shows that our skin can absorb harmful disinfectant byproducts faster than when drinking water.

Harmful byproducts found in chlorine including trihalomethanes (THTs) have been associated with colon and bowel cancer, albeit at low rates. Chlorinated shower water also strips the protective natural oils from your hair and skin causing more skin damage. Don’t worry though because dechlorinating filters are designed to offer the best of both worlds; pure water for the shower without the harmful and drying effect of chlorination byproducts. But how do you choose the best shower filter? Here’re 5 factors to consider.


1.     The methodology of taking out toxins and chlorine


A good baby shower filter should either use Vitamin C or KDF methodology to clean and remove harmful ammonia, chloramines, chlorine, and other toxins. If you find out that the rain shower filter you intend to buy is using another methodology, think again. Vitamin C and KDF are the accurate and tested methods for fluoride water purification.

2.     Durability


Let’s face it, no shower filter cartridge will live forever, but you obviously don’t want to keep changing your showerhead filter every time. Most filters will function flawlessly for six months while others work for a shorter period. Make sure that you look for a shower filter head that promises to last for six months or more.

Apparently, the length of time you’ll use your hard water softener before you require to change it will depend on various factors. For instance, it will depend on how long and how many your showers are. If your shower head water filter stays idle, it won’t fill up or degrade, so there’s no need to include such a period.


3.     Materials used during manufacturing


A high-quality water filter shower head should be made of a long-lasting material. If you come across a filter made of a thin metal or cheap plastic, avoid it because such materials are susceptible to bending, cracking, and breaking.

Captain eco shower filter is manufactured from the highest quality materials. It is made out of superior quality top-of-the-line chrome-plated ABS. Its body is rust-proof and extra durable. The cartridges of chlorine shower filter contain premium quality filtering materials incomparable to any other filter.


4.     The cost and availability of replacement filters


Check to see how many parts of the filter shower head system are replaceable and whether the replacement parts are available. You don’t want to purchase a full new shower head filter system every time you feel to change the cartridge.


5.     Aesthetics


Look for a shower chlorine filter that blends with the rest of your bathroom. You need to merge the functionality of your stage shower filter with the feel and look of your bathroom. You don’t want to have an elegant interior design in the bathroom only to have it destroyed by a bulky filter that doesn’t blend with your room.

Bottom line


Looking for the best shower filter may be both confusing and daunting but thanks to Captain Eco for manufacturing a filter that meets all the standard quality requirements. Needless saying, if you want a baby shower filter that is functional, durable and elegant, Captain Eco have got your back!