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Men’s hair loss: Causes & treatments

Better Bad Now than Worse Later: Can Man’s Hair Grow Back?

The answer to this question comes with a Yes and a No. To grow your hair back and start any kind of treatment, first of all, recognize your pattern of baldness by going to a dermatologist. Many do not take consultation with an expert very seriously.

If the case is minor it is highly recommended to examine the condition of your hair strands under magnifying tools. Often men are diagnosed with Androgenetic Alopecia. To treat this illness properly first of all the pattern of baldness must be identified.

This type of hair loss is permanent, unlike the Alopecia which doesn’t have a similar condition to that at all. Alopecia in the first place causes thinning of hair and then after that, the gradual level of hair loss occurs.

To prevent this, the immediacy of your action is highly crucial. Your chances of hair regrowth highly depend on the early identification of your hair loss stage. In addition to that, the state of follicle should be examined meticulously.

If the general state of a follicle is damaged or disturbed. This is because hair follicles due to high levels of stress may disappear or block the growth procedure of themselves.
It is significant to know that if years have passed from hair follicle disturbance then it is unlikely that hair regrowth can be generated. However, if the follicles are intact then it is possible to ameliorate the status of hair.

By performing a certain treatment to initiate and restart the hair growth. Of course, other factors such as age, and general health plays an important role in the overall evaluation of hair.

What are the Causes of Male Hair Loss?

The process of hair manufacturing is one of the cycles in the body which seems to be invisible. Once baldness actualizes on a wider scale it is impossible to restore those lost hairs. And resting the natural procedure cannot be done. And many males opt for hair transplants.
In most cases identifying the gradual hair loss is almost impossible if ones don’t regularly check his or her condition.
Many credible journals have found the cause of hair loss is in the faults that occur in the hair stems. They claim that there is a malfunction in the process of hair cell development.
Based on an examination done with a team of experts in the university of Pennsylvania hair loss patches and widespread hair loss in several creatures were compared with those parts that had a fine density of hair strands.
This research unveiled that bald areas similar to the normal areas had an identical number of cell stems that are in charge of hair growth and reproduction of new hairs. But the point of difference came to their level of maturity. In this case, these cells which have the abnormal procedure are labeled as progenitor cells.
On the microscopic level, cell stems in the areas with hair loss patches similar to hair loss do not disappear instead they shrink. The same amount of cell stems gives an aperture for testing diverse examinations to reactivate the process of hair growth.
The most prevalent cause of hair loss in the male gender is an abnormality in the level of hormones. If the dominate hormone of Testosterone is not consistent and does not have a regular cycle in the long run, then hair starts to become thinner. In addition to the result of this research, gene and their correlation with hormone balance in the body can escalate the cycle of hair loss.

How Much Hair Loss is Normal for a Man?

The phenomenon of hair loss in the age range from 18 to 25 can be a scary occurrence for many men. If this happens then you need to be extra cautious since this is an early indication of baldness pattern.
If you are in a similar situation, simply do not panic and control the racing of heart as what you’re are going through might be normal for your body. This hair loss you are experiencing may be a result of a sudden rush of anxiety and stress.
Understandably, you want to get to the bottom of this issue and figure out what is causing this abnormality. But a quick and easy examination with doing some small steps can solve everything and get you out of that maddens and sadness you’ve felt all of a sudden! Generally, hair loss is one of the body cycles. So, Try to omit any association of fear of hair loss.
Although there are many speculations about the number of standards of hair loss daily. On the general scale, it is not uncommon to lose 25 to 150 strands of hair each day.
Each hair should follow up three stages to turn into a healthy hair. Those steps are the Catagen phase, the Telogen phase, and the exogen phase.
On the surface of the scalp, there are 10,000 unique follicles on average. Based on this fact other scientific approaches claim that following the generic believes losing 100 to 150 hair strands is standard. This claim comes from this fact that naturally up to 2% percent of hairs don’t successfully transit into the next stage of growth and their production cycle terminate in the telogen growth phase.
These two assumptions don’t have further scientific follow-ups. However, for well-thought and well-proved fact which is verified, we tell you about actual research conduction.
In this research, a group of men with a diverse age range were told to shampoo their hair every day for 4 consecutive days. On the fourth day before washing, they were supposed to comb their hair on a white surface. Surprisingly the result showed that younger participants lost 78 strands of hair and the older participants lost a smaller number of hairs. This result justifies that younger males are more prone to greater hair loss- opposite of the common belief.

Is There a Way to Reverse Hair Loss?

To do this successfully, there are a couple of ways in front of you. If androgenetic alopecia is the case, then oral medications are one of the answers.
One of the standards to resolve this kind of baldness in men is Finasteride, a version of Propecia. Finasteride exactly has an impact on the enzyme which causes hair loss.

How it resolves the problem is eliminating that troublesome enzyme. While using this you should be careful since its dosage is prescribed by a dermatologist and you should know that this is clinical medicine.
In many circumstances, Finasteride aids a high percentage of patients. Many could gain their hair back with regular and long term use. Especially those who were very consistent with this medication.
The second common solvent for hair loss is topical medication. This could be the best substitution for drugs such as finasteride. Especially for those who have any sort of sensitivity for this kind of medicine. The side effects of this method are less. And the final treatment which can act as prevention is herbal supplements.

How to Treat a Bald Spot?

Hair fall patches are because of an illness known as Alopecia Areata. One this kind of disease occurs the body’s immune system reverses the system of protecting certain parts. The immune system mistakenly attacks healthy cells and following that the hair strands in scalp or beard are affected.
Alopecia Areata in contrary to another type of hair loss occurs suddenly. When an individual has this problem patchy hair loss is seen on the surface of the head.
Physical disturbance and a sudden rush of stress are the direct cause of this kind of hair loss. Also, a male who has a record of other types of illnesses such as diabetes or lupus are more prone to experience patchy hair loss.
To treat man hair loss, first of all, a biopsy on patches and bald spots in either head area or beard is highly recommended. This should be aligned to the double assurance of giving a blood test and check all the requirements of the body.
To stimulate hair growth in this area and trigger follicles to grow. This might be time-consuming and from one person to the next individual may vary. For instance, those who have a triode issue may go under longer procedures. From early diagnosis to the time you are witnessing the loss of half of your total hair density, practicing common resolution can be effective. If the case of unexpected hair fall is severe the there is less chance that treatment act effectively.
If you’ve gone through this issue four general medications are normally prescribed. Those are Minoxidil, Corticosteroids, Diphencyprone, Anthralin. You can also choose home remedies based on your condition.

Minoxidil; Salvation or Illusion?

Using Minoxidil is highly favorable among the men and in a certain case for the women. This substance is known by the medical name of antihypertensive vasodilator and it is used to minimize the level of hair loss. Minoxidil is a generic treatment and many use it as aider for prevention of widespread hair loss.
Good minoxidil is in the form of either foam or topical solutions and a trusted Minoxidil should have required standards. Certainly, it should be an FDA approved the drug, particularly in the northern American countries.
Good quality Minoxidil induces hair growth and extends the phase of growth in each strand of the hair. How did this happen? well, each hair strands have 1000 days of life expectancy and growth period before the body decides to check the conditions of the hair strand and choose whether a strand of hair should fall or not.
Men as dominate user of this product often have crown-shaped baldness. Adding Minoxidil of either 2 or 5 percent to the receding hairlines can significantly slow down the process of hair thinning and also hair loss. The 2 percent Minoxidil is a better choice for the hair loss pattern of the women and 5 percent is more compatible with the hair loss pattern of men.
The effectiveness of minoxidil is noticeable when you use this product in the early stage of hair fall. Also, if your age is something between 20ies to the 30ies you’ll have the most impactful result out of using minoxidil. So to give an answer to this question you need to choose the percentage wisely. Moreover, be consistent about using this hair care product and go for brands with less alcohol in them.

Vitamins & Supplements; The Double-Edged Swords

Keeping the hair moisturized and healthy might seem an easy task. Particularly via taking one or two supplements you’d think everything will be put in place. Also, the market is bombarded with an unimaginable range of vitamins and supplements as part of their unbelievable marketing campaigns.
But, it is highly recommended that a dermatologist tell you what kind of nourishment your hair strands need
To give a response to this question, any kind of antioxidant which eradicate free radicals can simply find its place in the category of beneficial vitamins. And certainly, many supplements will tremendously aid you with hair growth struggles.
Hair strands on large part rely on the iron, zinc, protein and vitamin B 12 to reproduce and grow. It is recommended to know about the type of supplements so that you can use ones that bring you less sensitivity and more positive impact. There are many kinds of supplements and the most known type of – third party nourishing supplements are Oral type.
A combination of those beneficial substances in the form of pills, as mentioned above, will get dissolved in the bloodstream and impact all the other parts. Noted substances inject utile materials to the hair stems. Another type of nourishments that are very good for hair growth is Vitamin D, B, and A.
The amount of intake of these groups of nourishing vitamins must be taken with a pinch of salt. Over usage of any of them can cause hair loss.
To look for the premium especially when you are in front of stuffed shelves of drugstores may seem very confusing. But you have to search for a combinational ingredient in the supplement that matches your needs. The best way to do that is to cautiously read the label on the products and find hair-friendly ones. For instance, folic acid is also a very good ingredient.
Once you are about to make a firm decision for your supplement, do your best not to go with the more the merrier mindset! Your body will make use of ingredient it lacks and then removes the remaining substances since those are recognized as a negative intruder. So, don’t forget to learn about the daily allowance of each kind of vitamin individually.
If you are regular with hair care supplements, then you’ll have the premium result you wish to have. It is necessary to not expect overnight result when you put yourself in the arena of hair care supplements! The initial signs of hair condition improvement happen after 6 months of frequent usage of hair care vitamins.

Have You Ever Hear of Vitamin H?

Perhaps the name of vitamin H hasn’t come across your health research as often as other ones do! Let’s start with what vitamin H is composed of. This vital compound of the body has a commercial name and that is Biotin and it is known as steer of metabolism.

By the help, Biotin energy processes in the body and cells emit carbon dioxide. Now that you know about this great nutrient be cautious and don’t turn yourself into a pill-popping woman who furiously takes supplements for sake of aesthetic benefits!
Biotin specifically aids the strength of keratin as the main essential resource in the hair. keratin itself is part of a protein that is a cluster embodied in each hair strand. And Yes it does thicken the hair if it is used via other nourishing items.
Large scale deficiency of biotin in the body is rare, but mid-scale leads to nails brittle and you’d go through recognizable hair loss process. The importance of this substance for hair and nail may put you in the dilemma of overusing. While taking biotin in any form of pills or natural form you may see symptoms such as rashes on the skin or slower release of insulin- this in the body is in charge of balancing the blood sugar. If you are seeing these indications, it is better to consult a professional.

Adapt, Adjust & Take it Easy

Other than what mentioned above, there are many other factors such as genetics and personal diets that heavily influence the amount of hair loss in men.

This phenomenon which may seem natural in the initial steps should be identified immediately. Otherwise, this can turn in to a permanent condition and result in embarrassment, feeling anxiety and more importantly put a demining trademark on your living standards.

Fortunately, as it is was briefly noted here there are many modern ways by which you can treat your causes of hair loss and bring a better aspect to your hair condition.

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