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How to get Healthy and Shiny Hairs

Natural longer hair is highly cost-effective in comparison with other superficial ways. Achieving looks with healthy and shiny hairs can be a dream sometimes. If you already took a couple of steps back from your goal of having natural and long hairs don’t compromise on your target! as they are multiple shortcuts that help you see the result you always hoped for.

Being unequivocal and bringing out highly personalized beauty habits for yourself especially on your hair, is a quite difficult task to do. Every day your hairs pick up dirt and pollution, aligned with that your hair produces excessive oil and dead skin cells. The general condition of hair deteriorates particularly if your hair is damaged or color processed.

There are many ways by which you can present your hair with unique conditions and be presentable all the time. There should be a way by which you can equalize the natural oil of the hair to all strands. The trendiest and easiest tips to execute are noted below. Takes time and learn these helpful recommendations and revolutionize the way you’ve always treated your hair.

What grows hair faster?

Let’s know about this from notable celebrities as they are the impactful beauty symbols all around the world. How much hair growth is just in one month, even with many boosting techniques we presented to you?

The answer to that question is at most 1.27 centimeters. Now that your expectation is normalized let’s go into the tips and tricks. This only happens if your hair is in great condition and you don’t have many splits at the ends.

Let’s start with the scalp. This is the essential component of having healthy hair and it is a key element in the growth of the hair.

First of all, inspect the scalp and see if you feel any kind of itchiness. Control if there is a considerable amount of dandruff on your shoulders or between the strands of the hairs. Scalp problems are so frequent that many wouldn’t consider them seriously.

In any of the conditions above you have to try to soothe your scalp as soon as possible. For that, let’s jump into the best scalp treatments! Often the medication that is prescribed by the dermatologist for the specific use of the scalp has counteractive effects on the hair. Consequently, we recommend you to embark on your healing process with a natural solution.

At any time when you are about to choose a hair product make sure to read the label. First of all Avoid products with, alcohol then sulfates, peroxide, polyethylene glycol, and bleaches and colors. Always keep your eyes for a gentle and highly moisturizing combination.

In the place of those always opt products that have a combination of keratin, caffeine and essential oils. Be highly selective of your chose of oils and at the same time do not bound yourself to all-time famous selections. Below you can get to know more effective hair oils.

DIY scalp treatment

Many of the things you’d choose for a healthy breakfast can also be used for nourishing scalp treatment. Here we briefly talk about three DIY scalp treatments. A bowl of oatmeal and sugar can be great food both for your body and hair. By using this combination, you can directly target your scalp. Just make a paste with one tablespoon of water and add up 2 tablespoons of oat to a grinder and add one tablespoon of brown sugar to the mixture. This DIY combination at home has all the peculiarities of scalp treatment. Remember oatmeal and sugar is a gentle exfoliator and moisturizing.

By using this just once a week without much hardship you can get rid of dandruff as it has an anti-inflammatory effect for the surface of your scalp.  On top of all by following these provided tips in this article you can rock the world of that leisure hair follicles in the most efficient way.

Which shampoo is the best choice?

One of the best practices that can ameliorate your process of hair growth is to study cautiously the ingredient on the bottle of shampoo. Once you are scanning the components on the bottle of shampoo keep your eye on the substances like parabens and silicones. Do your best to avoid these combinations as much as possible.

If you use these types of mixtures, then you gradually will have buildups on your hair and scalp. Replace that with the natural-based hair care products. Aligned with a highly chemical washing mixture if you use the common urban water supply you are actually exposing your hair to a liquid with high PHP. In this case, your hair is certainly more exposed to the hard water.

Hard water itself will bring you more build-ups and this is a recipe for disaster! So, make sure to unsubscribe from shampoo with ingredients such as Synthetic Fragrances, alcohol, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, and Polyethylene Glycols.

As much as you use these cleansing chemicals you are stripping the surface of your scalp. On top of that, you are damaging the folic and porous of the hair. With this in the mind give your hair a break and let it stand still for itself for a while.

The way you wash and care for your hair matters deeply. I am sure you have that image of a wrapped towel all over the head when you finish your bath. Well, you should know that you are damaging everything on the surface of your scalp area. The crucial fact is that when your hair is wet, it is in its most fragile condition. Any act of extreme such as brushing or twisting specifically with a towel will have destructive effects on the hair.

The choice of the right brush

Besides what is said above, you should deeply care for the type of brush you use. You might ask which type is the most intelligent choice to pick? We recommend you go for a brush with less density of bristles. You should definitely set aside that brush with thousands of horns! Go for a friendly wooden brush with moderate bristles or a comb instead.

If your hair is not in a good shape, then always avoid picking at the tangles and breakage. Just gently start brushing up the ends in one direction.

Use silk coverage

One of the best practices for keeping the hair in the best possible condition is using silk on the pillow. What does the silk cover on the pillow do? Well, you spend a considerable amount of time sleeping and while you sleep you would rotate so does your hair. Using this smooth coverage would lessen the number of tangles and hair breakage. In addition to the benefits it has for the hair it is also drastically great for the skin and its overall texture.

It is not hidden that skin breath so does the scalp skin. Have extensive care and avoid using shampoo and other chemicals that have harsh scrub to your hair. Similar to that you should never rub your head with fingers and keep in the mind that tip of them will suffice!

The scalp massage

Face skin receives a lot of attention contrary to your scalp skin which is equally delicate and won’t get that much care. If you wish to have silky and long hair you should bring up the point of attention to the scalp as much.

Another one of optimum practices for the hair is trying to remember to scalp massage as often as possible. The best way to do this is by starting from the forehead and work your way up to the back sections. You should have monotonous power and at the same time be gentle.

There are many DIY heads and scalp massage you can impose in your daily routine. The key is to have in mind to do this at least once a day. By doing a scalp massage you can alleviate your stress level which is the number cause of hair loss!

The trendiest type of massage out there is lymphatic. This particular massage has roots in the Indian culture dating back to nearly 400 years ago and no need to talk about the luscious Indian hairs!  The lymphatic massage inflames all the parts in the body by emitting the imposed pressure through certain glands.

Influenced by this type of massage, here we recommend to try out the Ayurvedic head massage that has multiple beneficial effects.

The most important benefit of massage is that it opens up the knot you have in the muscles. This is the cause of malfunctioning in the nerve system. This alone aids you to better the condition of the folic. When you unstiffen yourself from a muscle completion you can absorb more oxygen and this is done in finer condition by the skin of the scalp. All of these contribute very well to the overall necessities of growing new hairs right from the folic.

How you should Ayurvedic head massage?

Warm-up your fingers because we are about to learn some juicy methods to bring back the health to your scalp. In the initial step take a fistful hair and divide them into equal sections. You start up with one hand and then incorporate the second hand.

The way you do it is that try to keep your hand knuckles close to your scalp and make circular and slow movement in the one direction. You should squeeze the heels of your hand at the juncture of the skull bones. At this location disparate compartments of the skull are joined together and many tensions get accumulate in these two specific points. The way you do it is by starting from the frontal part and proceed to the back.

You should continue this massage to your neck. The manner of doing this is by looking down and finding the mutual points of neck muscles and imposing a slight pressure on these parts. Your finger should stimulate a sense of friction and provoke blood circulation. So, do your best to rub the muscles parallelly. Also, make sure when you are done give you head some moments to become the conscious and fully unwind.

It is good to get familiarize with the different compartments of the scalp. By this, you can bring more attention to the part that specifically lacks in the number of folic. As a result, those parts which have a lower density of hair strands get revitalize.

The base of the head is known as the left occipital area. You can massage this section of the scalp by putting your hand and thumb under this part and have gentle pushes against it.  Simultaneously, place your other thumb on the right side of occipital. This practice relaxes the muscles that are under pressure. Do your best to concentrate your fingers in this part and squeeze smoothly these parts to relax the muscle tissue.

What should I apply to hair?

Natural options are always better and more secure. This is evident that not every hair loss experience is the same due to the diverse range of causes that this issue has. The thrilling news is that there is an essential oil out there for every single cause of hair loss. The best practice for having a natural shiny hair is to use the most sustainable ones and be consistent about it.

That included using the gifts of that nature and for that essential oils are the most practical solutions in front of you.

As Mark Townsend celebrity stylist says “To prevent the hair products to texturize and damage your hair, remember to add a few drops of oil to the palm of your hair and apply it to the shafts of your hair before using any of those”.

Which oil is best for your hair?

We start with the commons oils you would come across very often and knowing about their benefits will aid you tremendously to be consistent in applying them. On top of that, you’d nourish your hair with its great resources.

One of the top options for natural preservation of the hair is applying the lavender oil. Basically, this oil is a multipurpose extract that can be used for various beneficial aims. The benefits of this herb are so drastic that it has many medical uses as well.

The core of this herb is conjoined with a sedating effect and can relax a prominent number of the muscles. In addition to that this herb is a great natural cleaning resource condensed with a high degree of antibacterial adequacy. Lavender is a superb inflammatory and detoxifying herb. This plant can target the skin of the scalp for prevalent causes of hair loss in the most effective way.

It is highly recommended to use this oil in moderate combination with the other. A great mixture of lavender with coconut and Carrier oil with the ratio of one tablespoon each will have a noticeable impact on the health of the hair.

The most important feature of lavender oil is regenerating the properties needed for the regrowth of the hair. This sets the base particularly for those who have suffered from the severer case of hair loss or hair thinning. only after the four weeks of consecutive usage of lavender hair oil, you are able to see an increase of follicle on the surface of the scalp. and these new shafts have much more depth.


Another less common hair oil with great benefits is Chamomile. This flower that is seen all around has a long history of using, dating back to the great Egyptian empire. The early indication of this herb goes back to 1550 BC. In those times ancient Egyptians used this herb to honor the Gods and cure many sicknesses. Over time more sophisticated ways of benefiting from this herb are brought forward. As you can use Chamomile hair oil especially if you have fragile hairs. The best attribute of this hair oil is that it has a pleasant natural smell which makes the application more delightful.

This herb has an effect on decreasing the inflammation. Also, this herb has a major calming effect. By using you will bring the ultimate shine, softness and frizz control to your hair.

Keeping consistency in using this magnificent oil can provide deep nourishment into your hair shafts. On top of that, you keep your hair in the most manageable state.

The application of hair oils and the right products will help you to keep your hair in the traffic state. Yet, it is highly suggestible to use protective hairstyles as much as possible. These two hands in hand will provide you with a premium result incomparable with the old days of your hair.

Protective hairstyles for faster growth

Hair oils will seal the end of the hair strands and act as a protective element to your hair. And, it is more effective if you do a protective hairstyle as well. It is highly recommendable to always go for a low ponytail as it has a less damaging effect. Every style that is high state brings more tension to your hair. So, try to remember that high style hair equals the high tension for your hair and scalp. If you want to protect your hair from in the best possible way, we highly recommend you different braiding styles right after a shower. Below we introduce the great ways of braiding that keep your hair very healthily.

  1. Head Band Braid: The headband braid is one of the easy DIY styles that are very protective. This hairstyle takes 5 to 7 minutes to do. One of the most convenient braids you can do when you want to get out of the bath is headband braid. This is a fairly easy hairstyle that you can do and it takes only 5 to 7 minutes to complete. First of all, don’t get discouraged if you couldn’t get very tight and stylish. To do this separate your hair into two different compartments and take the left side. Now divide this left side into three sections and tell yourself left under, right under.
  2. Fishtail: One of the easy hairstyles among the options we recommend is fishtail. This is fairly facile to execute. Just brush your hair to one side and similar to other styles divide them into two different sections. It is important to apply a bit of oil at the end of your hair and untangle your hair strands. The general guideline is that you should bring a piece of hair over the other sections and your divisions should be even and small. The general guideline is to add all the pieces to the inside part and repeat. To have a clean fishtail braid keep your hand finger in the direction you are braiding.
  3. Crown Hair Braid: The easiest protective hairstyle you can do to your hair is the crown hair braid. it only takes two minutes to do this hairstyle and it is super effortless. When you are out of the shower give your hair a couple of minutes to dry and divide your hair in the center. Then take a handful of part from the side and start to do the normal braid. Once it is finished crisscross it with to the other braided section on the opposite side. At end secure it with the pin.
  4. Game of throne style braid: Among these options, if you are looking for a very stylish braid we suggest Game of throne hairstyle. It is both protective and stylish. This type of hair braid is straight forward to do and it is a good choice for your everyday use. To start, part your hair in the center and right from the center take an even part from the right and another part from the left. Just have in mind too that this section should be at least 3 centimeters to look perfect. Now that you have two central parts grab either the left or right parts and divide them into three different sections. With these three sections do a French braid which is left over the right while adding a hairpiece from the approximate parts. You should continue this until you reach the crown of your hair at this point continue with a normal braid to the end of your hair. Repeat this for the other part as well and twist the end of the hair together.

Doing every single tip provided in this article can be at first a heavy load of undesirable tasks. However, if considering self-care, a top priority everything will become enjoyable and jubilant for you. Start with tiny steps and make your daily and weekly self-care with all these recommendations more and more beneficial and productive. More importantly, witness the evident results outright. Good luck!

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