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Top 10 Effective DIY Deep Conditioner Recipes You Need Try

Hair plays a significant role in creating a feeling of beauty and handsomeness in people. Due to this fact, people spend a lot of money to keep their hair healthy and good looking using deep conditioners, serums, and masks. One of the most prevalent problems with the hair is hair breakage.   

When you experience hair breakage, you may end up with dry and frizzy hair that cannot be styled and even combed. There are many reasons that can cause hair breakages such as lack of moisture, hard water, or a bad diet. But deep conditioning is a great solution for this problem.

In this article, we will be introducing some great ideas for DIY deep conditioning solutions. Moreover, we try to introduce you with the very idea of deep conditioning and its benefits too.  But first let us start with things that you should know about deep conditioning.  

What Does Deep Conditioning Mean?  

a young woman with long blonde hair

To put it simply, deep conditioning means healing your damaged hair with protein-based conditioners or moisturizers. The main idea about a deep conditioner is adding moisture after washing your hair and before starting to style it.   

When your hair lacks moisture, it will lose its elasticity and strength. So, it is not going to be styled easily and will probably break easily with small pressure. 

There are two subjects that are often confused together: deep conditioning and hair conditioning. While deep conditioning is a process after shower, conditioning is done while in the shower with a conditioner shampoo. These are two different worlds and should not be used instead of each other.   

There are many deep conditioners on the market. But you are the one that knows your hair the best and you can learn how to create the perfect deep conditioning solution for yourself and use it regularly.  You can also create your own DIY deep conditioner based on the exact materials that your hair needs.

Why Should You Use Deep Conditioners?

Many experts believe that deep conditioning should be done for all kinds of hair. It works best if it is done on a weekly basis or more than once a week.  But it is totally up to you.

You are the one that knows what is best for your hair and you can find out how often do you need deep conditioning. The only thing to remember is not to put too much pressure on your hair and not leaving it by itself.  

Deep conditioning has extreme significance to your hair and its health. It is done for different purposes. If you have damaged hair if your hair is always dry and cannot be styled in a way that suits you if your hair is unattached easily while brushing.    

If you have tried many kinds of shampoos but you still think none of them is the right one, you can try deep conditioning and see the magic happen.

What Are the Benefits of Deep Conditioning?  

Moisturizing Your Hair    

The first on the most important change that deep conditioning adds to your hair is moisturizing. No one wants dry hair that cannot be styled or even combed easily. Deep conditioning is the best solution for adding some extra moisture to your hair.  

It does not matter if you live in such a harsh climate that turns hair brushing into a nightmare or you are born with naturally dry hair. If you treat your hair with deep conditioning, you will benefit from the results.  

Adding Strength to Your Hair    

Bleached, dyed, or damaged hair is more prone to losing its strength and fall.  Many people face these problems but if they do not seek for a solution, they will result in hair loss easily. With deep conditioning, you will make sure that your hair receives the ingredients and nutrition that is needed to stay healthy and strong.  

Fighting Hair Damage   

If you have experienced hair breakage or split ends, or you are simply afraid of having these problems, you can fight them by adding extra moisture to your hair.

A stressful lifestyle or just a diet can have unbelievable negative effects on your hair. But by deep conditioning and providing useful nutrition and proteins, to repair, strengthen your hair, you can fight them easily.   

Elasticity and Flexibility of Hair  

Hair elasticity is when you see a famous superstar on television and wonder how soft and bouncy her hair is. A healthy and well-kept hair has elasticity and it can add extra beauty to your hair and overall style.   

Elasticity and flexibility also help your hair to remain shiny and soft. They will also prevent breakage even if you are forcing extra pressure on your hair like using blow-dryers.   

back view of a young woman with long curly red hair with deep conditioner applied

Restoring pH Level of Your Hair  

Your hair’s pH can become unbalanced if you have recently used a clarifying shampoo. These kinds of shampoos which are used to deep clean your hair and scalp can remove moisture and natural oil from your hair. But treating your hair with deep conditioners will restore the natural pH to your hair.    

It is worth mentioning that shower filters are extremely useful in stopping and removing chemicals from your shower water. This can result in improved health of your hair. A shower filter can also balance the pH level of the water that you are using in the shower.

The best shower filters in the market use different kinds of filters to stop harmful materials from reaching your skin, resulting in a smooth and healthy look. You can check Captain Eco shower head filter for one of the best shower filters on the market. it uses a multi-stage filtration system to make sure that nothing harmful will ever reach your body from the shower. It is also easy to install and works well with all kinds of showerheads.

Homemade DIY Deep Conditioners    

If you learn how to make the right deep conditioning solution for yourself in your home, you can get rid of all the advertisements and start treating your hair like a pro.

There are ingredients in your kitchen that can act as deep conditioners. Here’s how you can make your very own DIY deep conditioner: 

Coconut Oil Hair Moisturizer  

Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer and it is extremely effective for making a great DIY deep conditioner. You can use lavender oil to add an unforgettable scent to your hair.  


  • 7 oz jar organic coconut oil  
  • 1 tsp. of vitamin E oil  
  • 5 drops of lavender essential oil  

 How to Use:   

Mix all of the ingredients together to form a paste. Let it stay on your hair for about 15 minutes and then rinse with cold water.  

Yogurt and Honey Hair Moisturizer  

yogurt & honey for hair mask

 This best works if you use Greek yogurt because it contains the most protein. Mix it with honey, which you have been told enough about how effective and wonderful it is for your hair, and apple cider vinegar for creating a great hair moisturizer and a perfect DIY deep conditioner.


  • 1 tsp. of honey  
  • ½ cup of full fat yogurt  
  • 1 tsp. of apple cider vinegar  

How to Use: 

Mix the ingredients until you have a smooth paste. Let the mixture stay on your hair for about 20 minutes and rinse.   

Honey and Coconut Oil    

Honey is a widely known as a substance that can be useful to human body in many ways and it is used in cosmetic products too. So, do not hesitate using it as a DIY deep conditioner.   


  • 1 cup of warm coconut oil  
  • 1 cup of honey  

How to Use: 

Add one cup of warm coconut oil and to one cup of honey and Let it stay on your hair for an hour and rinse it.   

Avocado Deep Conditioner

green avocado sliced for making diy deep conditioner

Avocado is a huge source of vitamins and minerals such as B1, B2, B5, C, E, K, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium. So, you can easily see that what magic can happen if you use this DIY deep conditioner for your hair.  


  • 1 ripe peeled avocado  
  • 2 tsp. of olive oil  
  • 2 tsp. of honey  

   How to Use: 

Mix the ingredients until you have a smooth paste. Let the mixture stay on your hair for about 15 minutes and rinse.   

Banana Hair Mask    

Bananas are a source of vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B5, B9, and C and minerals like iron, magnesium, manganese, and potassium and they are great for your DIY deep conditioner.


  • 1 banana  
  • 3 tsp. of yogurt  
  • 2 tsp. of olive oil  
  • 2 tsp. of honey  

How to Use: 

Mash one banana and add 2 or 3 tablespoons of yogurt and 2 tablespoons of olive oil and honey each. Let it stay on your hair for about an hour and rinse it.     

Olive Oil and Egg Hair Mask    

The egg is a major source of protein that is vital for the health of your hair.  So, having a DIY deep conditioner with this key ingredient would be great.  


  • 2 eggs  
  • 6 tsp. of olive oil  
  • 4 tsp. warm water  

How to Use: 

For the best result, let this mixture stays on your hair for an hour before rinsing.     

Shea Butter Hair Moisturizer  

Shea butter is a fat extracted from the nut of the African shea tree. It is remarkably used in cosmetic products because of its magical moisturizing effects. And do not forget the argan oil. It is extracted from the kernels of the argan tree and mostly contains fatty acids which are perfect for haircare.   


  • 1 tsp. of shea butter  
  • 2 tsp. of coconut oil  
  • Half a lemon  
  • 1 tsp. of argan oil  

 How to Use: 

Mix the ingredients until you have a smooth paste. Let the mixture stay on your hair for about 15 minutes and rinse.  

Apple Cider Vinegar   Deep Conditioner

apple cider vinegar with honey for deep conditioner

acetic acid in apple cider vinegar will help you have smoother hair. Do not forget to add water to dilute the vinegar.     


  • 2 tsp. of apple cider vinegar  
  • 1 tsp. of honey  
  • 2 cups of water  

How to Use: 

Mix the ingredients until you have a smooth paste. Let the mixture stay on your hair for about 20 minutes then rinse with warm water. 

Aloe Vera   Deep Conditioner

Aloe vera contains lots of useful nutrition such as vitamins, enzymes, minerals, sugars, lignin, saponins, salicylic acids and amino acids.  


  • 8 tsp. of aloe vera gel  
  • 2 tsp. of lemon juice  

How to Use: 

The key to this hair moisturizing solution is the 1:4 mixture of lemon juice and aloe vera gel. After applying it to your hair, wait for 5 minutes, and rinse it with warm water.     

Mayonnaise and Egg Deep Conditioner  

Mayonnaise is heavily underrated in haircare but it can help you fight against hair loss, dryness, and lice.  


  • 2 eggs  
  • 5 tsp. of mayonnaise  
  • 1 tsp. of olive oil  

How to Use: 

Mix the eggs and mayonnaise and whisk until you get a smooth mixture and add olive oil at the end. Apply the mixture to your hair and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Wash your hair afterwards with sulfate-free shampoo.   


Keeping your hair healthy can be time consuming. But having shiny and soft hair worth the effort. One effective and convenient way of treating your hair is by deep conditioning. 

There are many useful materials inside your kitchen that can be used to make a DIY deep conditioner with the least amount of money. As the resulting material is completely natural, you can apply it easily on your hair and scalp without having to be worried about the chemicals.   

Of course, before doing anything, apply each of the mixtures that you prefer on your arm and do a patch test, to see if they are ok for your skin. If you feel any kind of irritation or itches, do not proceed.   

Have you used a DIY deep conditioner which had great results for your hair? you can share your experience with others in the comments section.

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