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Best Hair Care Tips From Celebrities

Celebrities are not born with Rapunzel locks. It takes an army of the world’s best trichologists and hairstylists to get luscious celebrity hair. Celebrities have access to the world’s best hair care gurus, experts, and products. Therefore, they know every hair care tip and trick in the book to improve the health and look of their hair.  

Most of us can’t afford a glam squad and a team of hair care experts to help us improve the look and condition of our hair. But we can all adopt our favorite celebrity’s affordable hair care rituals to help us obtain our dream hair. Do you want healthy, luscious hair without spending a fortune? Read the following hair care tips to get hair like a Hollywood goddess:   

Shampoo Your Hair Less Often 

Shampoos contain lathering agents that react with water to help you remove dirt, sweat, and dead skin cells from your scalp and hair. Shampooing, in moderation, helps promote a healthy scalp and clean hair. But shampooing too frequently removes your scalp and hair’s natural protective oils, compromising the health and integrity of your scalp and hair. 

The sebaceous glands beneath your skin produce and secrete an oily-waxy substance called sebum. Sebum forms a protective coating over your scalp and hair, preventing moisture loss. Too much sebum can make your scalp oily and your hair look dirty and lifeless. Shampoo helps you remove excess oils, producing cleaner, fuller, and more voluminous hair. 

While shampooing is essential to wash away dirt and excess oil from your hair, shampooing your hair too often strips away your hair’s natural oils, removing your hair’s protective barrier against harsh external elements. Without a protective barrier, your hair loses moisture, becomes dry and brittle, and more prone to split ends and hair breakage.  

To promote optimal hair health, reduce your shampooing routine to maintain a clean scalp and preserve your hair’s protective barrier. Many celebrities also avoid frequent shampooing to promote hair and scalp health. 

Celebrities Shun Shampoo 

Many Hollywood celebrities keep their shampooing routine to a bare minimum to protect their scalp and hair’s health and integrity. American actress Gwenyth Paltrow is a follower of the “no-poo movement,” which is a hair washing ritual that avoids shampoo. The followers of the “no-poo movement” clean their hair with a baking soda paste or a sulfate-free shampoo.  

Other celebrities that use traditional shampoo to clean their hair do so only once or twice a week. 

American actress and model Jamie King believes minimal hair washing has kept her hair beautiful and healthy despite bleaching and heat-styling her hair since childhood. King shampoos her hair once or twice a week to preserve the natural oils of her hair for optimal hair protection. 

Hollywood superstar and hair icon Jennifer Aniston washes her hair every three or four days to keep her hair healthy and minimize hair color fade. To keep her hair looking fresh and smelling great, Aniston uses dry shampoo to reduce odor and absorb excess oil from her scalp.


Use Dry Shampoo 

Dry shampoos are scented powder sprays that are emitted from an aerosol can to absorb excess oil and reduce hair greasiness without the need for water. Dry shampoos absorb oil, neutralize odors, and add volume and texture to your hair, reducing the need for washing your hair with water and traditional shampoo.  

Dry shampoos are an easy and time-efficient method for cleaning and adding life to your limp and greasy hair. All you have to do is spray and massage the dry shampoo onto regions of your scalp and hair where you need to remove excess oil, and then brush the powder out. 

Dry shampoos are the secret weapon of Hollywood celebrities for maintaining a healthy and bombshell head of hair. Using a dry shampoo decreases your need for traditional shampooing, which strips your hair color and dries out your hair, leading to hair breakage and thinning. 

Celebrities such as Lucy Hale, Karlie Kloss, Kristen Bell, and Emma Watson are all avid users of dry shampoo to keep their hair healthy, fresh, and voluminous. 

Invest in a good quality dry shampoo to minimize cleaning your hair with traditional shampoo. When you shampoo your hair less often, you preserve your hair’s protective natural oils and heat-style your hair less often. This results in less hair damage from heat and other harsh external elements. 

Dry shampoos remove odor, add a fresh scent to your hair, absorb excess oil, and give your hair a healthy bounce and volume. 

Install a Shower Filter 

A shower filter is a water filtration unit that reduces impurities, contaminants, and chemicals from your shower water, producing purer, cleaner, and healthier shower water. Unfiltered shower water contains hard minerals and toxic chemicals such as chlorine. These harmful substances produce hard and harsh water that is detrimental to the health of your hair.

The harsh substances in your unfiltered shower water dry out your hair, causing brittle, damaged, and breakage-prone hair. Shower filters reduce chlorine and soften hard water, producing shower water that is gentler on your hair. 

Celebrities install water filtration units in their shower to reduce chlorine and soften hard water to promote healthier hair. 

American singer Gwen Stefani has been bleaching her dark brown hair platinum blonde since she was a teenager. To prevent her bleached hair from breaking off, Stefani never uses unfiltered hard water to wash her hair. She always uses water softened by a shower filter to preserve the health and integrity of her bleached blonde locks.

Massage Your Scalp 

Massaging your scalp with warm oils increases blood circulation and nutrient flow to your hair follicles. This will help nourish your hair and promote optimal hair health and growth. 

Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra gives herself a weekly scalp massage treatment to obtain thick, healthy, and shiny hair. She uses warm coconut oil to massage her scalp and hair, leaves the warm oil in her hair for an hour, and then shampoos it off to wash away the excess oil.  

This natural, relaxing, and deep conditioning hair care treatment will reduce your stress levels, enhance blood and nutrient flow to your hair follicles, promoting optimal hair health and growth. 

Pre-Shower Hair Treatments 

Many celebrities apply a nourishing and deep conditioning hair care treatment to their hair before their shower routine. Deep conditioning your hair before your shower moisturizes your hair, and reduces the drying effects of water and shampoo on your hair. A popular pre-shower hair care treatment among celebrities is a warm oil treatment.  

On her days off from her hectic schedule, supermodel Gigi Hadid treats her hair with coconut oil to promote healthy and shiny hair. She saturates her hair with coconut oil, wraps her hair in a bun, and lets the oil soak into her hair for three whole days. After three days, she shampoos her hair to wash away the excess oil. This deep conditioning pre-shower hair oil treatment gives Gigi luscious and glossy hair. 

Unfortunately, most people do not have the time to let their hair soak in coconut oil for three whole days. But you can still obtain the benefits of a hair oil treatment by leaving the oil on your hair for a shorter duration. All you need to do is warm up your favorite beauty oil and apply it from the roots to the ends of your hair. Comb the oil through your hair, making sure the oil coats every hair strand possible.  

To quicken and enhance the benefits of a hair oil treatment, wear a shower cap or apply mild heat from a blow-dryer onto your hair. The heat will open up your pores and hair cuticles, helping the oil penetrate deep into your scalp and hair shaft. Leave the warm oil on your hair for an hour, and then shampoo off the excess oil for healthier and shinier hair. 

Weekly Hair Moisturizing Treatments 

Celebrities use weekly deep conditioning treatments to moisturize, nourish, and revive their hair. Weekly deep conditioning hair care treatments help reverse the harm and damage incurred on your hair throughout the week.  

American actress and model Andie MacDowell use a weekly moisturizing mask or balm to nourish and strengthen her hair. Weekly deep conditioning hair masks combat heat and chemical damage. They also restore hair moisture to its optimal levels. This makes your hair more supple, reducing hair breakage. 

Wear Heat-Free Hair Styles 

The heat from blow dryers and styling irons dehydrates and dries out your hair. This leads to brittle and damaged hair that is more prone to breakage and split ends.  

In some cases, ultra-high heat from straightening or curling irons can burn or fry your hair, compromising your hair’s structure and quality. Fried hair breaks off easily, leading to hair thinning. To promote optimal hair health, reduce heat styling, and opt for heat-free hairstyles. 

When not attending red carpet or other exclusive events, many celebrities prefer to style their hair using heat-free methods to give their hair a break from damaging styling tools. American actress Blake Lively puts her damp hair up in a ballerina bun to get bouncy waves. Another popular American actress, Jessica Alba, twists her damp hair into five corkscrew-like sections to get sexy Californian beach waves.  

Heat-free hairstyling methods enable Hollywood actresses and models to minimize heat damage from styling tools and promote healthier hair. 

Reality TV star and supermodel Kendall Jenner is another big fan of heat-free hair styling to minimize damage to her hair. Jenner has naturally silky, straight, and flat hair. Instead of opting for a blow dryer or curling iron to give her hair some bounce and volume, she sleeps with wet hair to add some texture to her hair. This damage-free, hair-texturizing hack has kept her hair luscious and healthy while giving her a sexy and bombshell hairdo. 

Another bombshell supermodel, Karlie Kloss, is also a big fan of overnight heat-free hair styling for an everyday damage-free, sexy hairdo. Karlie washes her hair at night and sleeps with air-dried and slightly damp hair to wake up with sexy, texturized bed hair. This volumizing and texturizing technique adds body, bounce, and life to your hair without using damaging heated styling tools.  

Heat free hairstyling methods allow Hollywood actresses and models to maintain a full head of healthy hair, despite the considerable stress their hair endures from constant hair coloring and heat styling to appear immaculate, polished, and glamorous in front of the cameras. 


With years of contact and access to the world’s best hair care experts, celebrities have acquired many effective hair care tips and tricks to get gorgeous, healthy hair. You, too, can get gorgeous, healthy hair by including easy and affordable celebrity hair care rituals into your hair care routine to obtain hair like a Hollywood goddess. 

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