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7 Simple and Effective Homemade Hair Care Tips

Having luscious healthy hair is a common dream among women all around the world. It does not matter whether you are a young girl with kinky tresses, a young lady with long adorable locks, or a grandmother with short gray hair, your hair is the crown you wear every day of your life. The more beautiful and healthy your hair is, the more proud you will be.

Every woman has developed her own way of caring for her hair. Some prefer spending money at different hair salons or spas, while others are a fan of caring for their hair at home. While the former believe they are always in their best hair condition possible, the latter enjoy an affordable hair care solution that usually does not need anything special at all. With plenty of hair care tips you can employ at home, you can be sure that there is a useful solution for every hair problem.

In this blog from Captain Eco, we will talk about some of the most popular hair care tips at home, so that wherever you are, you can always avoid a bad hair day. These at-home hair care tips and techniques will need some time to work and reveal their results, but they are affordable, easy to do, and will not take up much of your time.

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Warm Oil

This homemade hair care tip has been in use for a long time. Perhaps it can be named as the oldest women’s hair remedy in history. Different natural oils each have their own benefits, but they all have one thing in common: being magical. 

Applying warm, but not hot, oil on your hair remarkably improves the health of your scalp and hair. People all around the world use natural oils for at-home haircare treatment. The type of oil used, however, differs from culture to culture. 

Here is a list of the most common natural oils used by women all around the world to improve the health of their hair:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Walnut Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Corn Oil
  • Avocado Oil

All these oils are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Consequently, they can help your hair by repairing the damage and improving your hair’s strength.

One important thing that matters is to apply these warm oils frequently but in moderation. Using just enough oil, massage your hair and scalp gently, making sure all your scalp and hair receive this nutritious oil.

After oiling is done, you need to wait for about an hour, so your hair has enough time to absorb the oil thoroughly. After an hour of leaving the warm oil in your hair, you can shampoo your hair to wash away the excess oil. Many women leave the oil in their hair overnight, so the oil has more time to work and condition their hair.


A lot of women claim that nothing repairs damaged hair and strengthens your hair strands like beer. Apply some beer to your hair and you will notice how stronger your hair has become over time. Beer is rich in vitamin B complex and protein, which makes it an ideal treatment for providing critical nutrients to your hair. Beer is also a popular at-home haircare treatment for adding shine to your hair.

Women use beer in different ways. Some use beer as a shampoo and wash their hair with it, while others spray it on their hair after their hair has been washed and dried. Rinsing your hair with beer is another popular way of using this drink as a hair care treatment.

However you decide to use it, beer seems to be one of the most effective and affordable at-home haircare treatments. Use beer at least twice a month to supply your hair with all the protein it needs.


Some at-home hair care tips focus on remedies for hair loss. Hair loss is a common problem among women, and honestly, it is an issue no woman on earth can tolerate.

One of the hidden causes of hair loss, in both men and women, is dehydration. That is why a lot of different home remedies for hair loss seek to hydrate your hair.

It is obvious that the water you drink helps you far more than quenching your thirst. If you drink enough water, you not only reduce your chances of hair loss, but you also help your skin keep its elasticity and maintain its hydration.

So, drink as much water as you can to help your hair strands become more resilient. This tip is not only for the time you are at home. Try your best to turn drinking enough water into a habit for yourself, so that you stay hydrated all day long.


Rich in potassium, banana is a beneficial fruit for preventing hair loss and supporting hair growth. Women especially use bananas to soften their hair and avoid split ends.

Due to its high moisture content, banana is one of the easiest applicable hair treatments. You only need to mash the banana and massage it on your hair, so that it covers your hair thoroughly. After about an hour, when your scalp and hair absorb their needed potassium from the banana hair mask, you can wash your hair.

By applying a banana mask on your hair, you make sure that your hair’s potassium needs are fulfilled. This will especially help you in case you are suffering from hair loss and your potassium intake from your diet is inadequate to meet your body’s needs. In this case, applying a banana hair mask can help your hair grow.


Believe it or not, the cause of hair loss for many women is directly related to the hairstyles they wear. Tight hairstyles like ponytails that put high pressure on your hair strands and are worn for a long period of time every day can lead you to lose your beautiful locks.

In addition to that, applying different styling products is one of the other reasons why hair styling can cause hair loss. These products will remain on your hair for hours and will irritate your scalp, as well as making your scalp itchy and cause dandruff.

Heat styling and hard brushes can be named among the other hairstyling-related problems. Applying heat on the hair is a common practice among women, but unfortunately, it significantly threatens the health of your hair. In addition, hard brushes can damage your scalp, which is not good news at all.

There are a lot of different hair care tips at home related to hairstyling habits. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Wear loose hairstyles.
  • Avoid tight hairstyles, but if you must wear them, avoid wearing them for long periods of time. Give your hair a rest whenever possible.
  • Never sleep with accessories in your hair.
  • Avoid hard brushes and metal clips. Try to use soft and padded hair accessories instead.
  • Avoid heat styling and styling products as much as possible.

Water Temperature

Although hot water helps you feel good when taking a shower and also washes away dirt and pollution from your hair, you must avoid excessively hot water as it can cause hair loss.

Hot water opens up your hair’s cuticles and damages your hair by increasing moisture loss. It is better to keep the water temperature close to room temperature. This is definitely the safe zone, as the cold or tepid water helps to seal the cuticles and reduce moisture loss.


In addition to hydration, maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet that provides the nutrients needed for hair health is one of the most important hair care tips at home.

Review your diet and see if there are enough vitamins, protein, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids in the foods you eat. Make changes if necessary, so that you can make sure your diet supplies everything your hair needs to remain healthy, shiny, and beautiful as it should be.

Try to avoid foods that cause hair loss like carbonated drinks and sugar, and replace them with what is good for you, such as water, juices, fruit, and vegetables. Fish and seafood should also be included in your diet to nourish your hair.

In this article from Captain Eco, we introduced seven at-home hair care tips. From diets to special hair masks, there is a wide range of remedies that can help you protect your beautiful hair at home with minimal cost. 

What are your favorite at-home hair remedies? Write it down in the comments section to let us know.

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