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3 Hair Care Tips for Straight Hair

Everyone wants to be stylish and particularly this is the case for the females. Hairstyling trends alternate frequently, once styles become popular they turn into the all-season comfort format. No question on how to get the look at all? Among these certainly, there are several hair care tips that are timeless. A vivid instance of this is temporary and permanently straightening of the hair. No matter what fashion or trend is top on the list of the season, we can all agree that silky and straightened hair is desirable for everyone and every occasion.

Perhaps you want to have the straight hair look for as long as possible. There are some tips and tricks on the way you can implement to not only look stylish but also preserve your hair in the best possible state.

1- Don’t apply the same product over and over again


The notable fact is that you don’t stick to the same product you used before straightening your hair. This is a huge mistake which often people make. They go and use a couple of pumps of the same shampoo they’ve used all the time. This becomes even worse if the cleaning product they use is chemical. Perhaps many of us would go to a supermarket and pick up a random shampoo and conditioner which does not correlate what so ever with our current state of the hair. Instead, choose a generative and repairing shampoo and conditioner with an organic source of keratin in it.

The suitable shampoo and conditioner for straightened hair must have Red algae and it should be rich in polysaccharides. These two substances help to retain the moisture and keep your hair in healthy condition.

The other issue you should be attentive about is the order of using comb and brush. This might seem a diminutive issue, yet it can have substantial effects on the overall preservation of straightened hair. So keep in mind your daily hair care regime should start with combing and then you can pick up the brush. Also, the brush you use should have wide bristles or let’s say choose a wide-toothed comb and brush. This way you minimize the possibility of any damage you may receive out of regularly brushing and combing.

The option of straightening the hair permanently might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But, to have a sleek look and battel the frizz of the hair it can an occasional good choice. Especially if you consider the seasonal effects like winter cold climate it might worth it after all. For those who choose to get this treatment, there are many tips to follow up and if aligned with a series of universal rules all of them aid you to keep your hair lustrous and very healthy.

It is worth to quickly learn about the chemical reaction of the hair once it is exposed to the hair straightening products. In simple terms, chemical combinations alter the coils, texture, and shape of the hair. So as you may guess they are pretty harsh, to begin with. The first drawback of permanently straightening the hair is that ts damages the tresses of the hair.

A utile tip is that before actualizing your hair care treatment, it is always a good did to consult with a hair expert. Dermatologists would second that straightening the hair is not a case for all and doesn’t have the same result for everyone and every hair texture. If you are about to do this make sure to do these follow-up steps.

2- Haircare after straightening

You either chemically straighten your hair or style your hair with typical tools such as hair iron and blow-dryer. Although permanently straightening the hair is not everyone’s choice, once you do it you are obliged to take care of it like a pro. Since your hair is more prone to damage. Fortunately, the general criteria for the post hair care routine of permanently straightened hair are the same. So when you master them you can develop a routine that suits your hair the best.

The first thing to reminiscent is to avoid shampoo with sulfate in them. If you are not convinced fully why you should not use them, then prior to that you need to understand how to get the most out of your hair treatment. Let’s go through the basics and don’t miss out on anything!

When you are about to style your hair there are a couple of options in front of you. You may choose one of the permanent hair care treatment of cysteine to Olaplex and keratin. Also, added to these three, rebounding is an option as well.

The last option has a more aggressive impact on your hair and more long-lasting straightened hair. Equal to that you should be more caring and sensitive about your hair.

Generally, the rebonding method straightens your hair by breaking the internal pattern of the frizzy hair. This pattern is replaced with a straight structure in the hair.

It is essential to know that all the straightening methods do not have the same procedure. The ideal method is chosen once the condition of your hair is recognized. In this case factors such as texture, density, porosity, and curl pattern play their own significant role. So to sum up the overall health of your hair is important when you are about to apply a permanent straightening method to your hair.

All these treatments determine the right sort of styling method for your hair. Now here comes an important question should you include shampoo in your hair care routine after straightening your hair?

In the bigger picture as it was mentioned above any hair product with sulfate will erode your hair locks. First of all, you should substitute all of them with the sulfate-free version on top of that utilize less cleaning products, as much as it is possible. So the threshold as you may guess is keeping your hair in its normal condition for the extension of at least three days. Once you are about to put your hair in the exposure of water and cleaning products, have in the mind to replicate a hair spa condition for them. This means that give your hair extra care and apply a higher ratio of conditioner. This is done to merely salvage your scalp from the pollution damage and sun.

Is straightened hair more prone to the damage by the surrounding or less? This is a piece of great information to learn. Well to say it is easy terms all the sorts of hair get damaged by the environment. If you become careless about this aspect of your hair it means that you will deprive your hair of its natural oil discharges from the scallop on the strands of the hair. Instead, you are feeding your hair more chemicals which don’t seem to be a just act.

Overall this put your hair locks in the more sensitive condition. It can be expected that your hair absorbs more air pollutions. Whatever you do, you should choose a hair care regime that implements the right moves especially when you are about to try to straighten your hair permanently, the most crucial notional is to prevent hair fall.

There are many at-home hair-care routines you can take charge of it to counteract the drier and brittle straightened hair. One of the good did is to try deep conditioning more often. This leaves a good quality on your hair especially if you apply beneficial hair serums to your hair right after conditioning.

Fully pact your daily regime with antioxidants and nutrition fats. Good natural fats in the daily diet aid you to strengthen the tresses of your hair strands. As it is a common recommendation of many dermatologists.

Aligned with these there are some precautions you should observe and do. As Anker, a notable hair stylist believes take it or not chemically straightening your hair is a harsh move on your scalp. So it is essential to act following certain precautions.

Always have a razor-sharp eye on the circumstances of your hair. You can simply keep your hair in a more long-lasting styling condition if you trim them every six weeks. To eliminate the damaged hair by imposing a regular trim your hair care routine.

An important notion is that if you want to both color your hair and straighten them, you should pay attention and put the straightening hair treatment in the first step, and after that go for coloring of the hairs. Since permanent hair straightening methods start with a clarifying shampoo and this will reverse the optimum hair coloring you want to have. If not a destructive effect in this case!

Long term straightening of the hair has a drawback to it. The downside of this hair care treatment is that may cause long term repercussion and make your hair to brittle and coarse. In the worst-case scenario, a long term version of this can eventually lead to a hair fall and thinning of the hair.

Remember the temporary version is always kinder to the hair and has less destructive effects on the hair. Although this treatment is milder in comparison with the rest it might not be an option for extreme curly and frizzed hairs. the maintenance, in this case, should be more considerate and obviously requires more money and time.

Many celebrities are great influencers even for timeless hairstyles. Just scroll through the recent events and you see that Deepika Padukone favored updos in a recent red carpet yet often she is seen via chic and off-duty silky and straighten the hair in common places such as airport and it is, of course, her favorite street style as well. She seems fresh and stylish in this look, no one doubt that!

How to get this look without frequently frying your hair and don’t have to follow a straight military discipline all the time?

In this article, we give you preferable advice from notable figures such as Alia Bhatt- a world-known stylist. Keep in mind never ever compromise the health of your hair for a great hair look.

When it comes to the impeccable and chic ironed hair look everyone is reminded of hair smoothing solutions that are quick like blow-drying and ironing. However, you may not have the required resources and even the means to brush off the natural texture of your hair. And the straightening effect from brow drying remains for at most 48 hours if it doesn’t get wet.

Permanent resolution can be more effective, a known and fairly gentle method for us is calling upon cysteine. This solution is a very good choice particularly for the damaged hair or those super frizzy hairs. The concept behind the cysteine method is that it injects health or let’s say what your hair lacks to the tresses of the hair. The procedure in this method is not time-consuming at all. It can be done individually as well!

Once you are done with the initial wash of your hair, simply you apply the smoothing cream designed for this purpose. The crucial part of the application is that you should avoid applying this specific product of the roots and they shouldn’t be affected by that. Keep the applied cream for at most 30 minutes and divide your hair into diverse sections.

What does this cream do to your hair? Cysteine creates a coat all over the fibers of the strands of the hair instead of getting absorbed with them. This substance provides a protective layer to your hair and while straightening your hair, you won’t strip them ways.

Olaplex hair straightening method


Olaplex is a repairing agent on the top of that locks gets sleeked which is an additional benefit of this method. In some sense, Olaplex is a revolutionary method for straightening the hairs. By this, we mean that this will straightly open up the cuticles of the hair strands and repairs the broken bonds in every single one of them.

Although this treatment is not a DIY method and it cannot be done fairly quickly, it worth it to go through all of its stages. Basically, Olaplex at least requires fourth separate treatment sessions with an interval of 20 days in between them.

You should expect a wash of two kinds of Olaplex into your hair. And a third one which should be done by yourself at home particularly at night. This treatment is recommended for those who previously treated their hair very harshly, for instance, bleached their hair or applied heavy chemicals to them.

Rebonding hair straightening method

This method of hair straightening is offered by many in the hair salons since it is a doable response to the those of us who seek a long term chic hair. This system breaks the unamenable strands and substitutes that with the desired hair structure. Therefore, it is known as the rebonding method. This process of rebonding can take up to 3 hours and the stages are as follow:

  1. Cleaning the hair with organic shampoo, without further application of the conditioner. Then once the hair is soaked softener cream is applied and kept in this situation for up to 30 minutes.
  2. Later the product is washed using a mild shampoo and the hair is dried mildly. At this stage, the hair is straightened via a flat iron. In the fourth step, a neutralizer is applied to seal all the bonds. The product used in this stage should remain on the hair for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Once again the hair is rinsed and a deep moisturizing should be applied to the hair and the time extension of this is a maximum of 10 minutes.

If you go for this method of straightening, then post hair care include not touching your hair for 3 days straight so that the product used in this treatment get fixed on your hair.

Haircare after rebonding?

The life length of the rebonding method is long and it can provide you with straightened hair for at least nine months. The downside is that you will be stacking up chemical components on the top of your hair and this could result in significant hair loss.

3- Haircare Must Deeds

In the general terms you need to follow these hair care methods after rebonding or any other straightening method:

  • Just certain that by now you understood the effectiveness of trimming your hair. But remember what makes the difference is having a frequency and definite time spans in between them. This makes all the difference as you trigger healthier hair to grow. On top of that your newly straightened hair will look sharp and amazing!
  • Keep your hair protected from the sun and pollution. It is essential to know that sun rays have a harsh effect on the hair. If you add that to the dust that sits on your hair in either the outdoor or indoor, the result won’t be good. The protective manner can be very easy, just write down purchasing a stylish summer hat of the all-time usable scarf in your next minutes shopping list. If you are not a fan of this look a nice-looking umbrella can do the job for you as well.
  • Water is a key influencer in the long term health of the hair. So, do your best to avoid hot tap water. The usual components in the home water supply are not hair-friendly and the optimum option is to a system of purification that is sustainable in the long run. Captain Eco shower filters can be carried and used while you are traveling and don’t have the requirements to do a DIY water softening method.
  • A wide-tooth comb should be your number one brushing tool. This is particularly important for the ends of the hair. By using a wide-tooth comb you protect the hair from breaking and splitting. The combing routine should always start from the very end of the hair strands and detangling them and continues toward the up. This will minimize the possibility of damage to your hair.
  • Use hair mousses, gel, and hairsprays sparingly. All of these products will weight down the hair, especially straight hair will get damaged from layers of chemical products. Even on the occasions, you want to use hairsprays or mousse keep in mind to use a pea-sized amount of them. Prior to that always read the bottle of styling product and make sure it is a lightweight combination.

As it is the general belief the state of healthy hair is a projection of your inner health. Hair is certainly a defining feature of us and it is crucial to be sensitive and cautiously care for your hair. Just pick a number of tips and you will witness drastic changes in your overall hair health.

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