Our Story

Before we started Captain Eco, we were experiencing hair loss and looked for affordable ways to reduce it. We searched and wondered why wellness should be this difficult and expensive. Others around us complained about their baffling hair loss, and we asked ourselves, are there any treatment alternatives besides expensive shampoos and lotions that need to be replaced every month?

We found no such alternatives, but we knew there is a better solution. We just had to find it.

We used our expertise in the field and many years of experience working in the top markets to develop the first 5-stage shower filter in the world; which was the first product of Captain Eco. We wanted a solution that provided the highest quality and the best results at a reasonable price.

This mission became our priority continuing to this day. Our mission is and continues to be to a lasting solution of the highest quality offering the best results at a reasonable price.

We Measure Quality With Your Happiness

We at Captain Eco, try our best to provide the best quality. We measure our quality with happiness. We strive to make our customers happy for the long term. We regularly conduct research about our customers’ needs, which makes them happier, and how we can provide them with satisfactory products and customer service. We refrain from adding a plethora of features; Doing This allows us to keep our products affordable over time.

Your Satisfaction is Priceless

Captain Eco is committed to putting our costumer’s satisfaction first. We strive to be a company that provides long-lasting smart wellness solutions. We also pride ourselves for direct communication with our customers, inquiring about their experience, or helping them improve their wellness promptly.

Our customers’ trust and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us. Without them, we would not be able to grow our business and provide affordable, high-quality, and effective wellness solutions.