Upgrade Your Shower Head

Shower safely & enjoy softer skin, smoother hair and all the health benefits of soft water!
  • Purify your water
  • Remove chlorine
  • Remove contaminants
  • Block sediments

Prolong the Life of Your Hair Color

woman with shiny and dyed blond and purple hair

Fight the fade! Our filter reduces chlorine so your beautiful hair color will stay vibrant and fresh for a longer time

For Healthy Skin, be Gentle to Your Skin

woman with soft and healthy hair

Our filters immediately remove chlorine and sediments, protecting your skin from the damages of hard water. The result, softer skin and a feeling of freshness!

Captain Eco Subscription Plan

captain eco showerhead with cartridges

Never worry about forgetting your replacement cartridges, we will deliver them to you hassle-free! Subscribe today and save 50% on your starter kit.

Purified Shower Water, a Curls Best Friend

woman with curly light brown hair

Curls are naturally drier than other hair types. Salon experts recommend you wash your curls with filtered chlorine-free water for less frizz and a gorgeous result

Captain Eco Cares

For You

Shower with purified water and enjoy healthier, softer skin and beautiful hair

For Your Family

Protect your loved ones including your pet from the harms caused by hard water

For the Community

With every purchase, we donate 1% to nonprofits that provide wellness services to women in need

Join Captain Eco Subscription Plan in 3 Easy Steps

Guarantee your hair and skin health with our shower water purifying subscription plan

Captain Eco Multi-Stage Shower Filter

Hard water is the major cause of hair loss. It contains high amounts of minerals, which lead to breakage, dryness, thinning of hair and, color fade. It also causes dandruff and destroys your hair follicles.
Captain Eco protects your hair and skin from the many damages of hard water.

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Why Captain Eco

Purified Water

Enjoy Chlorine and Sediment free water for healthier skin, more beautiful hair and a healthy lifestyle

Subscription Plan

Save money by subscribing to one of our plans to receive your replacement cartridges automatically every few months

Beauty Goals

Experience softer skin and smoother hair just by simply purifying your shower water using Captain Eco shower filters


Concerned with Your Health and Beauty?

Let our wellness gurus help you become the best version of yourself

woman with red wavy hair

You spend hours sitting uncomfortably on a salon chair, enduring neck and back pain, inhaling toxic fumes,..

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Hair coloring, also called hair dying, is the act of changing your hair color to another color…

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The type of African-Americans’ hair is different from other, not only in shape or color but also in the challenges…

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Got a Question?

No matter you are Captain Eco’s customer or not, we are ready to help you with answering any question you might have at our help center

Captain Eco shower filters will give you softer skin, prevent you from getting rashes to feel less itchy, and help you breathe better from day one. Our filters reduce chlorine, absorb harmful chemicals, dirt, and sediments and soften and purify water.
Captain Eco shower filter blocks chlorine and sediments, softens your water and reduces damages to hair and skin caused by chemical treated water such as dandruff, dry skin, and hair loss. It reduces the risk of allergies, asthma, eczema, cancer, and bronchitis by preventing the growth of organic materials such as bacteria & algae.

Captain Eco shower filters improve wellness for the whole family. It protects the sensitive skin of babies, kids, parents, seniors, and pets as many animals are allergic to chemicals too. Our filters help everyone live a healthier lifestyle!

We made our product with the best quality and we are sure that they will work exactly as expected, but if you did not completely love our shower filter, we will give you a full refund and also an additional 20% credit to our website!
Depending on the amount of use, the number of people using the filter, quality of the water in your zip code, each Captain Eco shower filters lasts between 2 to 4 months.
It’s very easy. All you need is to follow a 3 step purchase. Define the number of the showers you want to purify its water in the first step, define the amount of use at your house in the next step. At last, add some additional products to your cart if you wish. We will send you a pack of 3 cartridges one month after you received our starter kit and send the other refills based on your plan
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